Why Did Bob Ross Show Up at So Many Halloween Parties?

Bob Ross at Rowdyween.
Bob Ross at Rowdyween. Photo credit: facebook.com/RowdyHallEastHampton

Here at Dan’s Papers and danspapers.com, we like to think that we are on top of the latest local trends, but there is one Halloween 2013 trend in the Hamptons that has eluded us: Bob Ross costumes.

Ross, an artist who created and hosted The Joy of Painting on PBS, died back in 1995. So why are Bob Ross costumes so popular this year? Did we miss something this year about Ross that makes a Bob Ross so topical this Halloween?

The costume is unmistakable: a big afro, a beard, a blue button-down shirt and a painter’s palette.

Bob Ross costumes were spotted at the Southampton Publick House Halloween Party and at Rowdyween at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton, both parties on Halloween night. The Bob Ross costume took home first place for best costume at Rowdyween.

Can you explain the popularity of Bob Ross costumes in 2013? Did you see any others in the Hamptons this Halloween season? Leave a comment below.

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