It’s a Jungle Out Here? Navigate the Real Estate World with Confidence

Alison Bernstein, founder Suburban Jungle Realty. Photo credit: Courtesy Suburban Jungle Realty
Alison Bernstein, founder Suburban Jungle Realty. Photo credit: Courtesy Suburban Jungle Realty

The kids are all grown up and the next generation of your family tree is expanding. It may be time for you to reinvent and rejuvenate a lifestyle that offers new possibilities and easy living.

Whether you decide to relocate, downsize or purchase a weekend getaway, there are a variety of options. While the process can be grueling at times, help is available.

After relocating several times in the Tri-State area before finding the right town for her family, Alison Bernstein realized that she was not alone. So, in 2008, the real estate expert and mother of four founded The Suburban Jungle Realty Group.

The Suburban Jungle Realty Group is an innovative realty firm dedicated to working with buyers looking to leave New York City for the suburbs of Westchester, Connecticut, Long Island and New Jersey. With a strong team of strategists including town consultants (ex-Manhattanites and Brooklynites), as well as a wide range of experts, Bernstein and her firm have managed to streamline the entire process—making for a hassle-free and pleasant experience.

The newest division of this cutting edge real estate firm, the Empty Nester Jungle Realty Group is aimed at helping couples decide on the right community and the perfect house or condo based on their lifestyle. “We have a unique business,” shared Bernstein. I immediately connected to the reason why she created The Suburban Jungle Realty Group. “Empty Nesters are getting younger and younger and there was a need for finding alternative lifestyles,” she continued. I started my family later in life and just finished changing diapers, but I have many friends and family members who had their children in their early 20s, who are now considered “empty nesters.” They’re ready to spread their wings and find a new home or community to live in during the next phase of their lives.

There are five easy steps that are designed to help assist each client; 1. The first step starts with a quick questionnaire. 2. Next, the team will review all your information and strategize a plan. 3. After a plan has been outlined, each client will be contacted to further discuss the different aspects of each prospective town. 4. Once you have a better idea of the communities of interest, it will be time to set up several appointments with local agents and schedule a few tours of available homes for sale. 5. Feedback and continued consulting/guidance is available from beginning to end as part of the service.

The Suburban Jungle Realty Group will not only assist empty nesters by guiding them through the process, but also with the sale of their current house through financial advising, search strategy and interior design. Each client is matched with a financial advisor to assist in deciding whether to rent or buy, what to do with house-sale proceeds and assess tax decisions based on renting versus buying. In addition, empty nesters are paired with a dedicated consultant and search strategist who will determine which next-step option is best. The Empty Nester Jungle Realty Group also provides an interior design team who work with empty nesters to de-clutter and stage their current house to sell. Because of their work in the present market, the firm knows exactly what prospective buyers are looking for and thus how to present a property.

It’s important to carefully plan for your future. While some couples may choose to purchase a new or second home, others may decide to downsize. Remember, try not to downsize too much—before you know it, the grandkids will be visiting—especially if you move out to the Hamptons!

For more information about The Suburban Jungle and The Empty Nester Jungle Realty Group, please visit, call 646-666-8866 or email [email protected] 

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