Top 5 Revenge Guest Stars Who Should Return to the Hamptons

Revenge Top 5 Guest Stars
Revenge Top 5 Guest Stars

Revenge has had its share of colorful minor and supporting roles, and though this season is on fire, the cast feels a bit small. Here are the top five Revenge guest stars we’d like to see return to the Hamptons.

5. Amber Valletta as Lydia Davis: Victoria’s one-time best friend who had a years-long affair with Conrad, Lydia was killed in the plane explosion that Conrad ordered at the end of Season 1…or so we assume! We never did see the plane explode, and barely anyone mentioned Lydia last season, so maybe she managed to fake her death, too. How great would it be if Lydia—perhaps deformed from the plane explosion—returned to the Hamptons hellbent on making Conrad and Victoria pay for their crimes?

4. Adrienne Barbeau as Marion Harper: We met Victoria’s conniving, sociopath mother last season in an episode that flashed back to Thanksgiving a few years earlier. Victoria did a turkey dinner takedown of her scheming mama, who was engaged to a wealthy, older suitor, by exposing her mother’s secrets: She murdered an ex-boyfriend and made young Victoria confess, causing the future mean queen of the Hamptons to be committed. We haven’t seen or heard from Marion since she called Victoria a bitch and stormed out, but with Daniel’s wedding on the horizon and Patrick in Victoria’s life, now’s the best time for Marion to come back.

3. William Devane as Edward Grayson: Conrad’s disapproving, cold-hearted father actually made us feel bad for Conrad (for a few minutes, at least) when he arrived for dinner to meet Emily two years ago and promptly expressed his disappointment in his son’s career and life. After Charlotte confided in her grandfather that she was considering going to therapy to work out her feelings about being David Clarke’s daughter, the Grayson patriarch blackmailed her out of it, threatening to have Declan rejected from the school he applied to. Surely Edward would want to come back for Daniel’s wedding. He and Marion would be a good match, don’t you think?

2. Jennifer Jason Leigh as Kara Clarke-Murphy: Emily’s unhinged mother proved to be a dud last year, but Leigh is a talented actress and, with the right story, could bring a lot to the show. She left the Hamptons still thinking Amanda was her daughter, yet we didn’t see or hear from her when Amanda was killed. We could see Kara returning to kidnap baby Carl in a misguided final attempt at being a good mother, which would add some urgency to Jack’s story.

1. Roger Bart as Mason Treadwell: This flamboyant, smarmy author was one of our favorite takedowns when Emily burned his house—and all his life’s writing and work—to the ground in retaliation for publishing a “true crime” book about her father that was filled with fabrication. Mason is currently sitting in a jail cell after being framed for killing Gordon Murphy (aka the White Haired Man). Emily promised him the exclusive on her story after she’s done taking down the Hamptons, but the light-in-his-loafers writer can’t be enjoying himself in jail. Perhaps Treadwell gets let out of prison early for good behavior and starts writing a TMZ-like blog to help Emily humiliate the Graysons while she prepares for her grand scheme.

Which Revenge characters would you like to see return to the Hamptons? Let us know in the comments section below.

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