Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 3, Episode 7: “Resurgence”

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This Emily juice is FABULOUS! Graphic: Oliver Peterson

It’s Independence Day in Revenge’s version of the Hamptons! So get ready for some fireworks in Season 3, Episode 7 “Resurgence”…

It’s a dark night in the Hamptons as our favorite dark knight, Emily, and her Robin, Aiden, go out to sea to survey the spot where Victoria “kills her.” Emily gets introspective when Aiden says he’s going to take her away and they can be together. Emily says she’s going to miss Charlotte, Nolan…and stops short of saying Jack. Oh, Aiden, you really think she likes you, huh?

Victoria is writing Patrick a letter when Conrad interrupts to let her know there’s an important family meeting with their new PR specialist, Bizzy Preston (yes, that’s actually her name) and tells her if she doesn’t cooperate, he’ll send his people after her slightly unhinged first child. Downstairs, Bizzy is lecturing Charlotte, Daniel and Emily about fixing the family’s bad image and tells Emily she’s having a very tough time finding anything about her. Victoria comes in and takes her seat at her famous chair, and she and Emily cringe when Bizzy tells them they’re going to launch a “mother/daughter-in-law” tour after the big July 4 bash.

Jack surprises Margaux at Voulez with a box of macaroons (probably because Daniel’s pastry chef ex-girlfriend works for him now). He wants to wine and dine the French fashionista later that evening, but she’s busy due to the coverage the magazine is giving Daniel and Emily’s wedding. “Don’t let the Graysons take over your life,” Jack says. Margaux smiles.

Emily interrupts Nolan’s search for Patrick, which is not going well. She vents about the new PR push, but is surprised when Nolan snaps at hearing Bizzy Preston is the PR person, angry that she outed him as “gay” years earlier to stop rumors that he bedded a famous female pop singer. To quell the fire, Bizzy said Nolan couldn’t have had an affair with the star because he’s gay and slept with her brother! (He actually slept with both of them.) After that, Nolan’s father disowned him. Emily gets a great idea that will help take down Bizzy and mess with the Graysons. “It’s time she found out about my first husband.” WHA – WHA – WHAT?!

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In the now-booming Montauk (there’s dough in them thar dunes), Sara offers Jack some cupcakes she made. He says he’s glad to have her aboard, but splits when Daniel shows up. Sara thinks he’s trying too hard to make amends, but he says he wants her to do a cake tasting for him and Emily, given her dreams of being a pastry chef. “I don’t want your charity, Danny,” she says, clearly considering the offer. He takes one of her cupcakes and leaves. She smiles bashfully. Note: This could be her chance to poison the Graysons once and for all, but alas, she’s not nearly that savvy.

Bizzy and Emily meet. Emily pretends to be horrified that a “blogger” (aka Nolan) is claiming to have proof Emily used to be married. Bizzy assures her she’ll bury it, but not before Emily emphasizes that Victoria can’t know anything. At the same time, Aiden is getting out of the shower. Victoria offers him a towel. She tells him to get back in Emily’s life…and her bed!

Jack has set up a gorgeous dockside date for Margaux (Montauk sure cleaned up fast). A kiss turns to heavy petting, but Jack pulls away after seeing his wedding ring—that he still wears for some reason. Margaux, frustrated, leaves.

Sara meets Emily and Daniel for the cake tasting. Emily is very good-natured about the whole thing. She’s proud of Daniel for his benevolence and gives her blessing to officially hire his ex. Sara, meanwhile, can’t believe Emily wasn’t livid. She tells Daniel this is going a long way toward forgiveness.

My bromance buddies, Jack and Nolan, dish Jack’s date with Margaux. Jack feels like crap for blowing it with her. Nolan knows why Jack is holding back and tells him he should move on.

Conrad asks Margaux to write a profile on him for his image, challenging her argument that it wouldn’t be impartial, citing the wedding coverage. Margaux says there’s a difference between writing a society piece on Daniel and Emily and writing an “advertisement” for Conrad…unless he’s willing to give full disclosure.

Victoria is not happy about Bizzy’s itinerary for her and Emily’s “tour.” Aiden arrives and asks to talk to Emily, who feigns disinterest, but Victoria suggests she talk to him. They leave. Bizzy thinks Emily is sweet and wants Victoria’s approval, but Victoria says she’d rather Emily runs off with Aiden. Bizzy says, “Oh, he’s her ex, too?” and spills the beans on Emily’s “marriage,” all the while Emily, Aiden and Nolan listen from the car.

The July 4 shindig commences! Victoria makes her meddling rounds with a disinterested Daniel, mentioning Aiden and Emily, and then reminds Bizzy to keep their fact-finding mission to herself. Charlotte reintroduces Sara to Victoria, who’s incredibly, incredibly rude. After Sara walks off, Victoria scolds Charlotte for bringing Sara back into their home, but Charlotte explains that her plan to have Sara (unwittingly) lure Daniel from Emily.

Jack goes to Amanda’s grave and emotionally takes off the ring so he can sleep with Margaux. (kidding! Sort of.) He heads to the party (and he’s rather under-dressed) and finds Margaux, who just talked with Conrad about publishing his memoir. He apologizes for his ambivalence, but Margaux understands. They kiss under the fireworks and then head back to Montauk to make some fireworks of their own in a scene that nearly qualifies as soft-core porn.

Nolan says hi to his old frenemy Bizzy, who doesn’t realize he hates her. Emily interrupts and asks Bizzy what time their appointment is in the morning. She goes to check her phone but can’t find her glasses; Nolan offers the PR wiz his reading glasses, which — surprise! — are 007-like camera spy glasses that Nolan later uses to hack Bizzy’s phone data. Classic.

Daniel, who has been strangely aloof toward Emily and not even upset about Aiden’s presence, finds Sara on the beach, and chivalrously offers her his coat (gag me). They bond superficially over the fireworks. Daniel leans in for a kiss, but Sarah pulls away.

Victoria, meanwhile, is done with Aiden — he hasn’t succeeded in breaking them up, so she’s declaring her “independence” from their partnership and kicks him out. Aiden meets Emily on the beach and she tells him the best thing to do is disappear for a while and come back when the dust settles. They kiss; he leaves. Poor guy. She’s just not that into him.

Jack brings Margaux some obligatory morning-after coffee. Jack — whose body has officially been elevated to Greek god (Neptune?) status after never being shown in the first two seasons — is taken aback when Margaux mentions Conrad’s memoirs. Is Jack going to have some take downs of his own?

Nolan confronts Bizzy and she’s shocked that he wants payback for not being able to have a relationship with his father during the last 10 years of his life. He says he’s alerted all her clients that her information was leaked and is no longer secure. Her career is ruined! But Nolan stops short of spilling the beans to Bizzy’s husband that she’s been sexting with another guy. Instead he tells her to stop the affair or he’ll tattle. Bizzy apologizes for ruining Nolan’s relationship with his dad, but he says it’s not enough and if he ever needs her for anything, she had better cooperate.

Victoria goes to the projects of Montauk (they apparently still exist), where Sara’s hanging laundry on a clothesline, and apologizes to Danny’s scrappy ex. Sara doesn’t want to hear it, but Victoria says she wants Daniel to be truly happy and thinks they should work together to make that happen. Maybe that poisoned cake idea wasn’t so far off!

Emily congratulates Nolan on his takedown. He jokes that his takedowns have silver linings — he saved Bizzy’s marriage! The two drink some wine and Emily tells Nolan how much she appreciates him. But Nolan drops a new bomb on his partner-in-revenge: his smart glasses caught Daniel and Sara almost kiss on the beach. Emily realizes that’s why Daniel didn’t care about Aiden and resolves to make sure Daniel and Sara’s past has no future.

Closing Thoughts: Great episode! Bizzy Preston is an excellent new character — I hope we see her again. Surely she’s going to pop up at some point. And poor Sara: First Daniel nearly kills her and now Emily and Victoria have targeted her! And the lack of Charlotte is making me suspicious… could the show be gearing up for a big twist with who really shoots Emily?

This Week’s Takedown: Bizzy Preston
Best Moment: Nolan ruins Bizzy, but stops short of cruelly hurting her innocent husband.
Worst Moment: The show reminds us that Sara is poor while she does laundry sans dryer.
Guilty Pleasure Moment: Jack and Margaux’s steamy evening together.
Question of the Week: How did Nolan get Jack to be his friend?

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