Tate’s Bakeshop Offers Free Coffee and Crutchley’s Crullers Today

Crutchley's Crullers at Tate's Bakeshop
Irresistible Crutchley's Crullers at Tate's Bakeshop, Photo: Oliver Peterson

To celebrate the new national day of giving, Giving Tuesday, Tate’s Bakeshop in Southampton is offering their award-winning coffee and Crutchley’s Crullers free all day today, Tuesday, December 3.

Welcoming visitors to her shop this morning, Tate’s owner Kathleen King shared the story of the delectable Crutchley’s Crullers, a favorite treat for generations of Southamptonites. “They were going to retire,” King said, adding, “I wanted to buy the recipe.”

Crutchley’s had been in business for decades before King opened her shop in the 1980s and she didn’t want to see the famous crullers disappear along with the bakery that created them. At first, Crutchley’s refused to sell, but after a couple years of proving her mettle in the baking game, King finally convinced them to acquiesce. She’s sold the crullers for years, then stopped, and then started selling them again.

“We’re always losing things that we love,” King said, explaining her desire to keep the longtime Southampton treat alive at Tate’s.

Kathleen King, owner of Tate's Bake Shop.
Kathleen King, owner of Tate’s Bake Shop. Photo credit: Brendan J. O’Reilly

The crullers, which look like powdered sugar-covered doughnut holes, are soft and simple with the perfect blend of sweet—but not too sweet—and crispy, and a hint of nutmeg. Not to mention a wonderfully nostalgic story. “They’re sort of addictive,” King said, remembering that Crutchley’s used to send their crullers to troops in Vietnam during that war.

Along with the free Crutchley’s Crullers, Tate’s is giving out cups of their Dan’s Best of the Best-winning coffee. They have Tate’s Organic blend, Organic Costa Rican and Columbian, as well as decaffeinated options, piping hot and ready to enjoy.

While you’re there, pick up some fantastic cookies, pastries, cakes or pies. There’s a reason the bakeshop has been featured on numerous television shows, including an upcoming episode of The Chew.

Tate’s Bakeshop is located at 43 North Sea Road in Southampton. Call 631-283-9830 or visit tatesbakeshop.com.

Tate's Bake Shop, Southampton Village.
Tate’s Bake Shop, Southampton Village. Photo credit: Brendan J. O’Reilly

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