Wainscott Hamlet Gets Welcome Signs, Christmas Decorations

Wainscott welcome sign. Credit: Courtesy East Hampton Town
Wainscott welcome sign. Credit: Courtesy East Hampton Town

Wainscott, one of the most delicious stretches of Montauk Highway, home of the popular Breadzilla, “La Ca” and The Seafood Shop, is finally getting its name in lights.

For the first time ever, Wainscott—which was settled in 1670—has been included in the East Hampton Town budget for holiday decorations. And, possibly to ensure that passersby know that the newly festive stretch of Montauk Highway is in fact called Wainscott, two “Welcome to Wainscott” signs have been placed on the eastern and western borders of the hamlet.

“The CAC [Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee] is working to improve the image of the hamlet,” says East Hampton Town Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc, the liaison between the town and the Wainscott CAC. He notes that the initiatives are prime examples of citizens taking pride in their hamlet, the gateway to East Hampton town. “[Wainscott] has a hugely long history as a hamlet, but because of the way it’s developed along the highway, its image has suffered. Wainscott doesn’t want to be the stepchild of the town.”

The holiday initiative began after the CAC came to Van Scoyac asking why the other hamlets were treated differently than theirs. Fourteen trees and accompanying lights were installed along the highway last week. Unlike in other parts of the town, where the lights connect directly to LIPA lines, Wainscott businesses are providing the power due to logistical issues of placing the trees. “We asked the business community if they were willing to participate, and we’ve had more requests than we can handle,” Van Scoyoc says.

On Saturday, two signs were installed along Montauk Highway welcoming visitors to the hamlet. Designed and paid for by the CAC, who worked with Van Scoyac and East Hampton Town Highway Superintendent Steven Lynch, the signs tip a hat to Wainscott’s long-standing farming tradition. Marking the western border, one sign is placed on the south side of the highway at Town Line Road—sure to be noticed by trivia teams who flock to Townline BBQ on Thursdays; the other is placed on the eastern border near the Highway Diner, on the north side of the road.

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