5 Best Tweets for the Freeze-Your-[BODY PART HERE]-Off Cold Weather

It’s cold. You may have heard one or two people mention that fact. A local woman wondered aloud, “Is the Polar Vortex the sequel to Sharknado?” Alas, only in a better world. Our very own “Keep Fit” columnist Kelly Laffey discovered that you need not take off your gloves in order to text. “You can use your nose,” she reports.

All 50 states saw the mercury slip below 32 degrees today. A reading of four degrees in Central Park earlier broke a record that had stood the test of 118 years. Right here in Southampton, Lake Agawam went the way of the ice cube. From Twitter to every channel on TV, the topic of the day is the freezing temperatures—not just here in the Hamptons, but across the entire country. So, in an effort to warm things up just a bit, and without further ado (it’s too cold for ado, don’t you think?), we share our five favorite tweets from a world turned to ice:

5) “I didn’t put on clean clothes for nothing today. I’m going outside, dammit.”—Dave Helem (@daveyboyhelem)

4) “The best way to stay warm is to cut open a tauntaun with a lightsaber and get inside”—Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth)

3) “The movie Frozen could’ve been filmed in my house”—Meade Farris Sawaya (@ReadMeadeTweets)

2) “Cold weather tip #3,456: Its ok to open your fridge to heat your house on days like today.”—Brent Nathaniel (@brentnathaniel)

And the winner…

1) “-14 degrees right now?? Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk!!!”—Scott Backes (@scotty2hottysd)

“Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it,” said Mark Twain. We’re doing something. We’re laughing.

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