Amy Zerner’s Fashion Sense: Cloaks & Capes

Amy Zerner Cloaks Capes
Cloaks and capes by Amy Zerner

Cloaks and capes are very interesting and practical pieces of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe to wrap herself in.

Capes have a fantasy association with a lot of super-hero figures. They have always captured the designer’s and the fashionista’s imaginations, starting with Medieval mantles, decorative shawls, military capes and 1940s fur stoles, to the ponchos of the 1960s.

Today there are many styling options to choose, including transitions from day to night and from casual to formal. A good thing to remember is to keep what you are wearing under the cape, simple, polished and sleek. Capes and cloaks are the thing to throw over your shoulders when you’re feeling a bit Gothic or a bit Sherlock!

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons’ number one fashion blogger and designer.

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