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Dog: Please Remember Me in the Cold, Snowy Weather

I bet you think that I am having a great time frolicking in the snow. But after a short period of time I may actually want to come back inside a warm house. Please remember that just like you my cold tolerance can vary based on my coat, body fat, activity level, health and age.

Please shorten my walk. If I am elderly and arthritic I may have more trouble walking on snow and ice. I don’t want to slip or fall. I may even need shoes like you do. Please check my paws frequently for signs of cold-weather injuries such as cracked paws or snow between my toes.

Also please wipe off my paws and belly after I go for a walk. I may have stepped in salt or other deicers or antifreeze.

If my fur is short I get cold faster. I may even need a coat like you do.

If I have any illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease I may have a harder time regulating my body temperature.

Please keep me inside if it is really cold or snowy. Just like you, I feel the cold. When you are cold you go inside, so please take me with you.

If you leave me outside, remember that I must have a doghouse that has a waterproof roof, is structurally sound with insulation that is appropriate.

Remember, I am susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia just like you!

So please don’t forget about me. I love you unconditionally!

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