Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Symbol of the Sun

Symbol of the Sun
Symbol of the Sun, Artwork (c) Amy Zerner

The word planet comes from the Greek planetes, meaning “wanderer,” and that aptly describes what the planets do: they are the special stars in the night sky that appear to wander.

You probably know the planets — Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — but in Astrology we count the Sun and the Moon as planets and discount the Earth for a total of 10 “regular” planets.

The Sun, being the most important of the planets, is associated, in astrology, with ruling others by making order out of chaos. The Sun’s heat and light gives life, and so the Sun represents fatherhood in a warm, giving, illuminating sense. It represents a father who gives life to his offspring and enjoys watching them live their own, unique lives. He believes in the abilities of his creations, and is proud of them. He desires, he visualizes, and something that never was, lives. The Sun is always willing to create, to take a chance. This is both his sport and his purpose. The Sun rules our heart.

KEYWORDS: ego; being the center of attention; feeling important; pride; heat; light; a warm or sunny place; fatherhood; children; taking a chance; creativity and be it artwork, sport or just plain fun and games; desire; belief in someone or something; visualization; lighting the way; purpose; ruling and making order.

THE SUN’S MESSAGE: ‘Believe what you visualize is real now and you will surely see your heart’s desire come into being.’

THE SUN’S WARNING: ‘Even the greatest ruler has to listen to the advice of others. An unrestrained ego can do more damage to you and your creations than any enemy.

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