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Top 5 Zingers From Revenge Season 3 (So Far!)

Revenge Nolan Kitten Zinger Meme
No one messes with Nolan's pussy... cat

Revenge returns this Sunday with the aftermath of Emily’s shooting, so make sure to catch up on what’s happened with our recaps. In the meantime, here are five of our favorite one-liners from Season 3 so far.

1. “Oh, Miss Munello, I don’t mean to be indelicate, but wouldn’t you be far more comfortable watching the fireworks on a field somewhere?”
Victoria to Sara upon seeing her at the Grayson July 4 party

2. “You’ll have to pour another for your property prostitute. I assume that’s who you’ll be feting?”
—Victoria to Conrad after taking a glass of champagne he poured for his buxom real estate agent

3. “Just check your soul, Emily Thorne, because once you start taking down kittens, I’m out.”
Nolan to Emily on his concern that taking down a priest (Father Paul) might be going a little too far.

4. “I’d be dead if it weren’t for your wife’s momentary lapse of evil.”
Lydia to Conrad on Victoria telling her to get off the ill-fated plane before takeoff

5. “Booze in the morning looks a lot like denial, Dad…”
Charlotte to Conrad on his coping with his Huntington’s disease diagnosis

Revenge Season 3 has been especially snappy with the witty dialogue; what are your favorite lines from the show so far?

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