Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap: Season 3, Episode 11: “Homecoming”

Aiden tries to access Emily's deepest memories
Aiden tries to access Emily's deepest memories, Graphic ABC/Oliver Peterson

Happy New Year, Revenge fans! It feels like just yesterday, we were speculating about who shot Emily Thorne (Spoilers: It was Daniel in Episode 10). Last night, we witnessed the (increasingly complicated) aftermath of events that occurred on the yacht. Hint: It’s a doozy. If you’re not caught up, check out our previous recaps before reading on.

Now, onto Revenge Season 3, Episode 11: “Homecoming”…

The Graysons are rushed into the police department amid a media blitz already in progress: “Grayson Family Crisis at Sea”

Nolan watches the news coverage, still thinking everything has gone according to plan. Patrick hears the news and hurries to Nolan, who feigns panic. After Patrick leaves to find mommy Victoria, Nolan grins. “Here’s to you Ems…and well laid plans.”

Meanwhile, Emily is alive (surprise!) and holding on to a buoy for dear life; she pulls off her garter, revealing a tracker. She manages to climb onto a boat, bleeding and half-naked.

After a confrontation with Jack (in which he admits to having given Emily a deadline to do her thing and get the hell out of dodge), Aiden dives into the water and locates Emily using the tracker. She is still conscious and begs Aiden not to take her to the ER, but she passes out and Aiden wakes up the fisherman whose boat she crawled onto and dives away out of sight. “Mayday!” says the old fisherman.

At the police station, the Graysons are being questioned individually. Conrad tries exerting his power to stop the detectives from grilling Charlotte and a despondent Daniel. Charlotte seems to think Daniel was with the group watching the wedding video the entire time. She also thinks her mother is guilty. Conrad is forced to lie and vouch for Lydia when her alibi is questioned, but first he makes her promise she didn’t do it. Margaux, meanwhile, cooperates and hands the cops all the photo files she has from the event…or so we think. Victoria, meanwhile, makes herself look extremely suspicious when she refuses to provide an alibi or answer any questions.

The next morning, Jack and Aiden tell Nolan what happened (in between arguing with each other endlessly). Nolan tells the two idiots to stop fighting and reminds them that he owns half of Suffolk Memorial (betcha wish she was at Southampton Hospital, huh Victoria?). Hamptons Authenticity Alert: There is no Suffolk Memorial Hospital.

Patrick meets with Victoria, who is now a “person of interest.” Patrick assures her she can tell him if she did it, but Victoria explains her confrontation with Emily and says she blacked out. She also can’t understand why Emily hates her that much. When Patrick implores Victoria to tell the truth to the police, she reminds him that her story is already flimsy.

Back at the manse, Daniel tells a detective that Victoria didn’t do it. He also says not to listen to Lydia, noting, “She’s one step above a call girl.” Daniel then finds out Emily’s alive and gulps.

At Suffolk Memorial, the doctor says that Emily will recover but doesn’t want to give details to anyone but Daniel. Victoria is turned away when she shows up. In private, the doctor tells Daniel that Emily was never pregnant. He asks the doctor to keep that information to herself.

Victoria talks with Patrick and sees Nolan approaching. After a heated argument (Why haven’t these two had more scenes together?) in which Victoria reminds Nolan he’s not family and to get the hell out, Nolan asks Patrick to reason with her. Unsurprisingly, Patrick sides with Victoria, but Victoria is stunned and horrified that Patrick was with Nolan and storms off. Patrick glares at Nolan and tells him to get out. Nolan leaves, but hides a smartphone in the hall.

Daniel goes in to see Emily. He looks at the blood drip hungrily, as if he’s a vampire, and is startled when Emily grabs his wrist. To his shock, Emily can’t remember…anything?! Later, Charlotte notices that Daniel isn’t spending much time at Emily’s bedside. Always one to have his priorities straight, Daniel is relieved when Charlotte reports that Sara is okay. Then viewers ask, Who cares?

Nolan has hacked into Suffolk Memorial through the smartphone. Aiden is convinced that Emily must be faking her amnesia.

At Voulez, Margaux is uploading information to her computer when Jack comes in. She comforts him and admits she has photos of the event. They notice that not everyone is accounted for.

Victoria finds Lydia sitting on her “signature” chair (which, by the way, is available for cheap in any furniture store around. Check the authenticity, Victoria!). Lydia accuses the former Hamptons queen of shooting Emily. Then Conrad arrives with some red wine and he and Lydia gang up on his wife. “I’m going to enjoy remodeling Grayson Manor,” Lydia coos as she pours red wine on the chair! Victoria attacks her but thinks better of it and kicks her out. Conrad rolls his eyes, noting Victoria’s behavior only makes her look worse.

In a convoluted scene filled with quick cuts and computer jargon that reminds us why this show shouldn’t do espionage sequences, Aiden drives up in an ambulance (where he got that, we’ll never know) to get Emily and bring her home, as per Nolan’s instructions.

Meanwhile, Patrick drops by Nolan’s house and finds his beau with the Infinity Box! He wants to talk, but Nolan doesn’t want to deal with him. They have their biggest fight yet and break up (these two seem to break up weekly).

Back at the hospital, Aiden breaks in and goes to Emily. He tries to sneak her out, but she freaks out and Aiden realizes that she really does have amnesia! She uses the panic button and he is forced to escape. Charlotte comes in, thinking Emily had a nightmare.

The Boys (my new official name for Nolan, Jack and Aiden — sorry, Patrick) are devastated that Emily has lost her memory. Jack storms out after another petty argument with Aiden, then Nolan speaks for all of us and tells Aiden they need to knock it off.

Back at Grayson Manor, Daniel meets with Victoria, who swears she didn’t shoot his bride, but he cuts her off — he knows everything and ADMITS TO SHOOTING EMILY! Daniel wants to turn himself in, but Victoria isn’t about to let that happen.

Victoria goes to Montauk (a rare occasion) to talk to Margaux. She needs an ally and Margaux isn’t passing judgment. Victoria realizes that Margaux knows the truth about Conrad’s evil deeds, so (always calculating) she says he’s framing her. Margaux shows her copies of the photos and notes that Lydia is not in any of them.

Back at Suffolk Memorial, Charlotte shows Emily pictures of the wedding. “You’re my inspiration, Emily,” she says to her half-sister/sister in-law. She wishes she knew where Emily got her strength, prompting Emily to remember something — she gets her strength from her father. “David. His name is David Clarke,” Emily says. Charlotte is floored (but apparently not floored enough — read on).

Revenge Episode 11 Charlotte Meme
Charlotte helps Emily look at herself… ABC/Oliver Peterson

Victoria shows Conrad that Lydia wasn’t accounted for and tells him he’s got to frame her… to protect Daniel. Conrad is horrified when Victoria tells him what really happened, but doesn’t want to hurt Lydia. Victoria smiles. “It’s a terrible feeling betraying someone you love; I’m so pleased you’re finally getting to experience the sensation yourself.”

Charlotte goes to Jack’s place and tells him the weirdest thing just happened; “Emily seems to think her father is David Clarke!” she exclaims. Jack banks on Charlotte’s dim wit and covers for her, saying she probably just got confused. Easy-peasy.

Conrad goes to Lydia’s room at the South Fork Inn (which also doesn’t exist). She throws herself at him…until he explains that he needs to revise his statement, which will implicate her in the shooting. She’s devastated, but Conrad promises to help her. “Trust me,” he says with a reassuring smile. “That’s what you said to David Clarke,” Lydia reminds him coldly. Ouch. Later, after getting Lydia out of town, Conrad goes to Daniel to berate him and scold him about having to sacrifice his happiness for Daniel’s, and Daniel shows he’s not grateful. They have a huge argument and Daniel pushes his father against the wall. Conrad threatens to show Daniel what he’s really capable of and tells him the next time he needs help, he’s on his own.

At the hospital, a pretty nurse asks Emily what her infinity tattoo means. Emily doesn’t remember, but makes conversation with the nurse… who is secretly about to inject something into her IV. She’s interrupted by Charlotte and Jack. After she leaves, Aiden approaches her in the parking garage and we learn that her name is Niko, and she’s actually the doctor who helped Aiden with his gunshot wound. He asks her to look after Emily, and she agrees… then kisses him and walks off. He looks concerned.

Victoria has the stained “signature” chair removed from the mansion as Patrick tries to make amends. Sensing Victoria is writing him off, Patrick refuses to leave and reassures his mother, “Together we’re going to take down everyone who ever wronged you. Conrad. Emily. Nolan.” He mentions the Infinity Box in Nolan’s safe and Victoria shows him a photo of Emily with the tattoo. Uh-oh…

Meanwhile, Emily tells Jack he seems very familiar. She feels helpless. Jack gives her Amanda’s (that’s Fauxmanda, not Emily herself) locket. He kisses her on forehead…and suddenly she remembers something! “Daniel shot me!” she exclaims in horror.

Closing Thoughts: Some crazy stuff happened last night, but the episode wasn’t as exciting as it could have been, what with the near-miss with Charlotte and the quick resolution for the shooting investigation. I am also concerned about the influx of the action/spy scenes, especially with this new character Niko. Did we really need another Takeda-esque character? On the flipside, hearing Patrick declare his intention to take down anyone who hurt his mother further cements him as an unpredictable wildcard.

Best Scene: Nolan and Victoria’s spat at the hospital. He was positively venomous, and she was unusually emotional.
Worst Scene: Charlotte not putting two and two together about Emily and David Clarke. HOW THICK IS THIS GIRL?!
Nolanism of the Week: “This is all getting a little too Bates Motel for me” (on Patrick and Victoria’s relationship).
Question of the Week: Who ultimately took the fall for Tyler’s murder?

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