Keep Fit: Snowpocalypse Now – the East End Is Ready for Summer

Snowpocalypse Now
Snowpocalypse Now, Photo: Oliver Peterson

There are just over 100 days left until Memorial Day, and I think every East Ender is ready for summer. When each day brings the very real—according to the media—threat of a snowpocalypse, the thought of tourists and day-trippers invading our town isn’t so daunting.

For Christmas 2012, a friend gave me a five-year, sentence-a-day journal. The idea is to briefly recap each day for a total of five years, leaving you with a log of snapshots of your daily life. As the snow and winter weather take their toll on my sanity, I’ve flipped back in the journal to September, a time when I was fine—and almost relieved—that summer was over.

I can barely recall a time when such blasphemous thoughts entered my mind. But there they are, recorded in the journal. At this point, I almost feel like filling each day with a simple countdown until Memorial Day. Or at least until spring.

My progression from relief to desperation is neatly recorded here, with some slight embellishments to reflect my current mood…

Tuesday, September 3: It’s Tumbleweed Tuesday. My heart rate has slowed, even though I went out for an ideal early-morning run. Stopped in the village for lunch and got a parking spot. I walked down Main Street and didn’t bump into anyone. Is it weird that I feel like I can breathe better?

Wednesday, September 4: I went to the beach after work. Right at 5 p.m. There was no one there. I jumped into the ocean and attempted to just float, but playing in the surf was too tempting.

Friday, September 6: I blow-dried my hair this morning for the first time in months. It was a little too chilly to drive to work with my windows down, nature’s blow drier.

Saturday, September 7: Another quiet run this a.m., then off to Sag Harbor for HarborFest! The crowds are clearly back, but it’s nothing like last weekend. There’s so much going on downtown and I can actually participate in it.

Sunday, September 22: First day of fall. But it still feels like summer. I’ve just heard the phrase “locals summer,” realizing that it applies to the month of September. Rode my bike to town.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014: Happy New Year! Holidays were amazing. I left the East End for a while to celebrate in Boston with some college friends. Much to look forward to in 2014. Signed up for a half marathon in Central Park in February.

Friday, January 3: It’s Candlelight Friday at Wölffer and Nancy Atlas’ inaugural concert at Bay Street. How nice to have such problems.

Saturday, January 4: No live music for me. I stayed in tonight due to weather. Glad we got our annual big storm out of the way.

Wednesday, January 8: Nope. More snow. Found out my car has a “Caution You’re Skidding!” light. I was like “duh, I’m skidding.”

Friday, January 17: Is it illegal to drive with your knees if your steering wheel is too cold to touch? Too cold to think about that.

Wednesday, January 22: They say some sort of polar vortex is coming.

Sunday, January 26: Polar Vortex is a season, not a phenomenon, apparently.

Tuesday, January 28: I wonder if my half marathon deposit is refundable.

Wednesday, January 29: Got into an argument over when they should make the call to cancel schools. This doesn’t even affect me. Why can’t I channel my energy into something that’s not the weather?

Friday, January 31: Went to Nancy Atlas tonight with special guest, blues legend Jonny Rosch. Drinks at the American Hotel after. Necessary fun.

Sunday, February 2: Absolutely needed to go for a run outside today. The sun actually poked through and the wind was calm, so I ran on the beach from Cooper’s to Old Town. The sand was frozen, so it was like running on a packed trail, something we’re lacking out here a bit.

Tuesday, February 11: Is it a problem when above–freezing temps actually feel balmy?

Wednesday, February 12: Seriously? More snow tonight?

Friday, February 14: Day 100 of Snowpocalypse. Or something like that. Am wearing black to protest the snow.

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