Montauk 7-Eleven Is Chain’s Top Earning U.S. Store

Montauk loves 7-Eleven!
Montauk loves 7-Eleven! Photo credit: John Bourquin/7-Eleven

Is there anything better than a Slurpee after spending a hot summer day at the beach? Clearly not, as revelers of the once-named “Miami Beach of the North” have helped make the Montauk 7-Eleven the highest grossing 7-Eleven store in the country, according to data recently released by the Dallas-based chain.

Details on the 7-Eleven corporate website reveal that the Montauk 7-Eleven boasts an ATM, hot food and lottery tickets. But they also stock up on such summer essentials as boogie boards, sunblock and beach chairs.

Though 7-Eleven does not release sales figures, the East End is well represented in the list of top grossing stores in the U.S. The second highest earner among U.S. 7-Eleven stores is located in East Patchogue, and notably, both the Montauk and East Patchogue franchises are operated by Chris Stephens.

Southampton’s store, located at the intersection of County Road 39 and North Sea Road — a spot some call “The Gateway to the Hamptons” — is America’s third most lucrative 7-Eleven, Sag Harbor’s 7-Eleven is the 11th highest grossing, and Patchogue’s store comes in at No. 19.

7-Eleven takes its name from its original operating hours, 7 a.m.–11 p.m. Nowadays, they’re best known for remaining open 24/7, making the franchise the only truly “convenient” convenience stores on the East End. Oh, thank heaven.

As of the 2010 Census, there were 3,326 full-time residents in Montauk. There are almost just as many nicknames for the iconic franchise—Sevs, Slevs, Sleven… Whatever you call 7-Eleven, it’s clear that East Enders enjoy it.

Now let’s all raise a GO-GO Taquito in celebration.

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