Nancy Atlas Fireside Sessions Finale Friday at Bay Street Theatre

Nancy Atlas, center stage for the third evening of the Fireside Sessions at The Bay Street Theater.
Nancy Atlas, center stage for the third evening of the Fireside Sessions at The Bay Street Theater. Photo credit: Daniel Gonzalez

The Nancy Atlas Fireside Sessions series at Bay Street Theatre has transformed wintertime Sag Harbor Friday nights into a rocking scene, as international music legends have taken the stage with Nancy Atlas and her band, the Nancy Atlas Project, for an unforgettable concert series. But all good things must come to an end.

As we look forward to the series finale this Friday, February 28, with guest Arno Hecht taking the stage, Nancy looks back on all her Fireside Session nights—from the kickoff with Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to last Friday’s retrospective “Atlas on Atlas”—and reveals what’s made each week of this musical run so magical.

Chad Smith
I loved that Chad was into getting dressed up in a costume. It really set the theme for these nights, which is friends making music and having fun. And of course the seven-song Led Zepplin mash-up. Crazy Jay-z! READ MORE ABOUT NANCY & CHAD

Andy Aledort
Andy and I both love Lucinda Williams. He wasn’t crazy about the song I had chosen to cover, so we switched it hours before the show to a mutual favorite, “Side of the Road,” then played it with no practice. READ MORE ABOUT NANCY & ANDY

Danny Kean
Blew the audience away. Danny took 280 people to church with his performance—the stand-out was “Lean on Me.” READ MORE ABOUT NANCY & DANNY

Randi Fishenfeld    
Bliss. My favorite moment was her original piece “Gypsy,” where she basically held the entire audience to the edge of their seats with each note. That and eating chocolate-dipped macaroons after the show in my freezing car with steam coming off our sweaty heads, following a long show. READ MORE ABOUT NANCY & RANDI

Jonny Rosch
Our duet of “If Something Is Wrong with My Baby” and his version of “A Change Is Gonna Come.” One word: Wow. READ MORE ABOUT NANCY & JONNY

Brian Mitchell
My favorite surprise of Brian’s show was his horn player, Kenny Rampton. He was mind-numbing on the trumpet. As for songs, “Ophelia” was great because of Brian’s connection with Levon Helm. READ MORE ABOUT NANCY & BRIAN

Atlas on Atlas
It was a treat to play our older material. We are always expected to bring the party and make people dance, so it was a lovely break to just play some of my slower songs. READ MORE ABOUT NANCY ON NANCY

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