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Daniel Grayson Brawl Turns Vinny ’n’ Sons Trivia Night Upside Down

Increasingly volatile Southampton heir Daniel Grayson was spotted at Wainscott’s Vinny ’n’ Sons writing a check for an undisclosed amount of money to owner Vincent Decrescenzo on Thursday night after starting a destructive brawl in the middle of the restaurant’s inaugural Trivia Night.

Sources say that Grayson was on a team with wife Emily and Hamptons tech guru Nolan Ross, along with Grayson’s half-brother Patrick Osbourne. While the three men were reportedly at each other’s throats the entire evening, Emily quietly sipped her wine and smiled.

The brawl began when Grayson accused his wife of setting up the evening to make everyone miserable. “Why would I do that?” she asked, batting her eyelashes. “You’re the one who keeps insisting on answers that turn out wrong. Really, Daniel, it’s like you’re from Montauk when you act so ignorant.”

After that, the venison started flying, culminating in the restaurant’s mounted deer head falling and injuring the unlucky patrons who happened to be sitting under it.

This is not the first public fallout the newlywed Graysons have had; keep it glued to for all the latest Revenge-y news.

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