Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Mystery Schools

Crystal balls aren't necessary for trained psychics
Crystal balls aren't necessary for trained psychics, Photo: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Thinkstock

My observation about this time in history, judging from my clients concerns and the letters we get from people who use our books and our Facebook and Twitter friends, is that it is a time when people are being forced to become more creative and more spiritual and take more responsibility for their well-being and personal growth. Just like when we get sick, we are forced to re-examine our bad habits and realize what is truly important.

As far as business and money questions from my clients who are getting a psychic reading, I have a crystal ball but as an objet d’arte, not as a “scrying” device. Crystal balls, staring into flames, that kind of thing is designed to help the reader diffuse their consciousness to the point where other images can come it. I don’t need them. I’m “classically trained,” which cracks up my clients so I love to say it. What I mean by that is I studied astrology and tarot for over 20 years, doing thousands of readings (a session contains many readings) before I ever even attempted to speak to the spirit guides or otherwise try for information without using astrology or tarot.

This was the way mediums were trained in the ancient “Mystery Schools,” where it took years before you were allowed to move on to different levels. It is also the meaning of the alchemy maxim: You cannot obtain gold unless you have it already. The gold they are talking about is a more perfected understanding of reality, and you cannot get there from here unless you do it step by step, no?

I had strong hints that I was psychic before I even tried it. I was finding people’s watches and show dogs, and you really can’t do that using tarot cards or astrology — they were my crystal ball/training wheels and those wheels have since come off. I can read anyone, anytime, anywhere. My confidence is born from my having done it so often to good effect. I like to help people and getting paid to do so is a dream come true. I have the astrology chart of a doctor of ideas, so it works.

In a typical psychic reading, I usually do it on the phone or via questions in an email — I receive these emails and calls both from within the US and internationally. I lie down in my special place to get into the “zone.” Psychic information is “non-local,” so I don’t have to be in the person’s presence.

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