Revenge: Top 5 Dan’s Papers Headlines About the Graysons

Revenge Victoria Grayson Reads Dan's Papers
Victoria Grayson Reads Dan's Papers, angrily, Photo: Revenge/ABC, Dan's Papers/Oliver Peterson

We learned this week that, sadly, Revenge favors the fake Hamptons Daily newspaper over Dan’s Papers. We all know Southampton’s Grayson family is no stranger to scandal, and in a perfect world, Dan’s Papers would have been there through it all. Here are five of the most significant headlines we would have run about them over the years.

5. Southampton’s Clarke Indicted in Flight 197 Explosion – 1993 
This was our first real coverage of the Graysons and Grayson Global — previously they’d only appeared in the photo and society pages. When David Clarke was arrested for suspicion of involvement in the Flight 197 explosion, the Hamptons elite were quick to distance themselves from any involvement with him, including his next-door neighbor (and boss) Conrad Grayson.

4. Conspiracy Revealed? Doubt Cast on Clarke Conviction – 1994
Dan’s Papers was sued for libel by Grayson Global after publishing this attention-grabbing headline. Reliable sources told Dan’s that Grayson Global had framed Clarke for the Flight 197 incident and insinuated that Clarke and socialite Victoria Grayson had been carrying on a steamy affair. The lawsuit was dropped when Dan’s agreed to write a retraction the following week.

3. Newest Southampton Socialite Engaged to Grayson Heir – 2011
The entire East End was abuzz when Southampton hunk Daniel Grayson announced his engagement to local philanthropist Emily Thorne following a whirlwind summer romance. Not looking to bullied by the Graysons again, Dan’s Papers was very careful not to publish inside knowledge of a brewing feud between Daniel’s mother and Thorne.

2. And Eat It, Too: Scorned Pastry Chef to Make Grayson Wedding Cake – 2013
Following a botched “Who’s Here” feature on Victoria Grayson, Dan’s Papers vowed to stop writing about the powerful family and their antics—that is, until Ms. Grayson inexplicably threw us a bone with word that Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, Sara Munello, was baking the cake for his wedding! We also spoke to an anonymous source who caught Munello and the groom-to-be swooning at the East Montauk Farmers Market, by the organic strawberry stand.

1. Gasps, Guns & Graysons: What REALLY Went Down on the Yacht – 2013
Did you miss this headline? That’s because Dan’s Papers received threats by three different parties when word got out that we knew the true story behind the shooting of Emily Grayson. A ranting letter from former Grayson Global receptionist Lydia Davis, a cease-and-desist from Grayson attorneys and (strangely) a personal call from Southampton computer guru Nolan Ross convinced us we should let the events of that night come out on their own.

Dan’s Papers has had some trouble with the Grayson family, and they’ve only been exacerbated since the premiere of their new reality series Revenge. Nevertheless, we will continue to closely follow the trials and tribulations of this endlessly entertaining bunch and (eventually) write an article they don’t stomp into obscurity…despite their allegiance to a certain low-circulation daily paper.

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