50 Things to Do Before Memorial Day: Walk Your Dog on a Hamptons Beach

Walk your dog on a Hamptons beach before you can't! Photo of Waffle
Walk your dog on a Hamptons beach before you can't! Photo of Waffle by Oliver Peterson

There are just 32 days until Memorial Day weekend, and while we at Dan’s Papers can’t wait, we also know there are many things we have to squeeze in during the next few weeks on the East End, lest we lose our chance with all that summer brings. We know that if we don’t get out and do these now, we’ll have to wait until after Labor Day before we try again…and so will you!

We continue our countdown of things to do before Memorial Day weekend on the East End with #32: Walk Your Dog on a Hamptons Beach

Before long, our famous Hamptons beaches will be crawling with people, but there won’t be a dog in sight. By mid-May, a litany of rules go into effect, or stop being ignored, at most area beaches. Ticketing begins for cars without permits, beach driving is prohibited before 6 p.m., fires are a no-go and, maybe worst of all, dogs are no longer permitted during regular daytime hours.

Many would agree that walking a dog on the beach is one of our greatest local pleasures—for owners and our four-legged friends! So, take advantage of these last weeks of complete dog-walking freedom and take Fido to the surf and sand. Your pup will relish in the sights and sounds, and the salty sea air, and you’ll both get some much-needed exercise. The light is beautiful this time of year and the weather is usually just right for a leisurely stroll.

Just remember to be responsible and represent yourself well for the good of all local dog owners: Keep your best friend on a leash and clean up his poop, even when no one is watching! Lots of Hamptons beaches provide doggy clean-up bags and plenty of trash cans to deposit them. Heck, take extra bags and double up if the thought of handling waste disturbs you—they’re free.

When it comes to doo doo, a failure to do due diligence could ruin it for everyone, even in the off-season.

Come back tomorrow for 50 Things to Do Before Memorial Day in the Hamptons #31.

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