Tripoli Gallery Explores Juxtaposition with Side X Side in Southampton

Side X Side Tripoli Gallery
Jonathan Beer, "Moon Landing" and an Untitled work by Félix Bonilla Gerena in Side X Side at Tripoli Gallery, Image Courtesy Tripoli Gallery

Don’t miss the current group exhibition, Side X Side, on view through May 10 at Tripoli Gallery in Southampton.

Curated by gallerist Tripoli Patterson, Side X Side, highlights the work of artists Linda K. Alpern, Jonathan Beer, Herbie Fletcher, Eric Freeman, Félix Bonilla Gerena, David Matterhorn, Melanie J. Moczarksi, Lola Montes, Matisse Patterson, Saul Steinberg, Nick Weber, Darius Yektai and Yung Jake.

Arranged side-by-side, the artworks fall into pairs — each duo connecting through both their differences and similarities. Varying degrees of scale and asymmetrical alignment create movement and rhythm throughout the sequential hanging, and under this structure of couples, both the physical and emotional elements of each artwork are brought to the fore.

Tripoli Side x Side Darius Yektai, Eric Freeman
Left: Eric Freeman, Untitled, 2012 Right: Darius Yektai, Untitled Wave Series, 2012, Courtesy Tripoli Gallery

With very different handling of the same medium (oil paint) and even greater difference in subject matter, Darius Yektai’s Untitled Wave Series(2012) and Eric Freeman’s minimalist Untitled (2012), are instantly linked by color. An intense green fluctuates toward yellow or blue, depending on the viewer’s position and the angle of light hitting each painting’s surface.

When grouping two works by the same artist, as is the case with Nick Weber, the proximity of his oil paintings, East Village Street (2012) and Helga’s Hands (2011) invites a closer observation of his handling of the brush and use of color to evoke a subtle, similar mood in two works of differentiating subject matter.

Tripoli Side x Side Lola and Matisse Patterson
Left: Lola Montes, Greyson, 2011 Right: Matisse Patterson, Scott “The Cut” Cameron, 2013, Courtesy Tripoli Gallery

Such observations continue throughout — in artwork couplings ranging from works on paper to acrylic or oil on canvas, silver gelatin to C-print photography, and from mixed media and found objects in both two- and three-dimensional forms.

A special reception for Side X Side is scheduled for Saturday, May 3 from 6–8 p.m. The show is open through Saturday, May 10.

Tripoli Gallery is located at 30A Jobs Lane in Southampton Village. Call 631-377-3715, or visit for more info.

Tripoli Side x Side Matterhorn Alpern
Left: Dave Matterhorn, Charles Bukowski 1920-1994, Right: Linda K. Alpern, Untitled, 1994, Courtesy Tripoli Gallery

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