Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap — Season 3, Episode 19: “Allegiance”

Emily gets poison ivy in Revenge, Episode 19
Emily gets poison ivy in Revenge, Episode 19, Photo: ABC/Oliver Peterson

Crossdressing, environmental activism and murder abound in this week’s episode of Revenge, and not necessarily in that order. Just when we thought this show couldn’t possibly be campier, things manage to get even more ridiculous in the faux Hamptons.

Here’s our recap of Revenge Season 3, Episode 19: “Allegiance.”

It’s a day at the horse races in the Hamptons (except there is no horse racing in the Hamptons). Pascal and Emily have a clandestine meeting in the middle of the crowd, where Ems tells Pascal she knows he’s playing her. She calls Aiden, who is trying to sneak into an unspecified, LeMarchal-owned corporate building to find information on Oscar Chapman, the journalist who may have information on Aiden’s pop, Trevor.

Nolan knocks on Javier’s door and tries to talk things over with him after their tiff last week. He agrees to chat with Nolan later. Javier closes the door, jumps on the bed and nuzzles with Charlotte (duh). She wants him to talk to Daniel about his app, which apparently aggregates someone’s social media and search habits and turns everyone into an avatar (hence Charvatar from a few weeks ago…perhaps we’ll see the Nolvatar after all). They cuddle some more. Javier is adorable—too bad he’s with her.

At the races, meanwhile, Daniel wants Margaux to get Pascal in on the app. She’s impressed with the app when it correctly guesses what shoes she wants for the spring.

Emily runs into Victoria, who isn’t interested. “I have less boring people to talk to,” she snipes. Victoria eyes a mystery man in the crowd and we learn that he’s Luke Gilliam, one of Conrad’s old Grayson Global lackeys. Victoria and Luke go somewhere private (where Emily follows) and argue about his part in David’s downfall. Later, Aiden gives Emily the red Sharpie and tells her she’s got some work to do.

Montauk. “Did you have a good time in L.A.?” Margaux asks Jack, who impatiently reminds her that he was bringing his mother to REHAB, not going on a vacation. She admits to Jack that she’s distracted; Pascal wants her to take over the family biz. Jack isn’t happy.

Victoria and Conrad have an argument about Luke Gilliam while Victoria tends to her hydrangeas. Conrad all but laughs in her face when she says that she’s on the brink of true happiness with Pascal and drops a hint that Pascal is just as much to blame in David’s downfall as Grayson Global.

Revenge Palm Trees Nice View Meme

Nolan tries to have a Full House “moral of the story” conversation with Javier. Apparently, he sees something in Javier the way David saw something in Nolan. Javier is mostly unmoved and heads out for a meeting with his “parole officer.”

Jack visits Emily, who feels terrible about what the Graysons did to Stevie. She explains that Luke Gilliam, who is about to receive an award for his environmental clean water work, is actually totally corrupt, polluting the water in poor towns. Jack says, “Let me guess, this doesn’t affect towns like The Hamptons.”

Now the Hamptons are apparently one town? (We are, in fact, two towns—East Hampton and Southampton—and five towns comprise the East End, including both forks of Long Island and Riverhead at the split.) Writers: You could’ve solved this by changing “like” to “in.”

Nolan crashes Aiden’s stakeout and points him to one Brenda Evans, who has been spending Oscar’s money for years. Aiden is still feeling crappy about his “cowardly” father planting the bomb on Flight 197.

Victoria confronts Pascal about his involvement in Grayson Global. She gets extremely angry and things get physical, resulting in Pascal grabbing her slightly violently. Pascal promises her that he was involved in covering up the conspiracy — to help Victoria. Huh? Is she buying this? (It feels a bit like battered wife syndrome…sorry.)

Emily meets up with Luke Gilliam, who is skeptical. She offers to help him smooth things over with the groups who are criticizing his water practices (Save Sag Harbor and Group for the East End, among others, no doubt). Jack plays the part of angry citizen and accuses Luke of being extremely corrupt, and Luke shows him a vial of the compound he uses and drinks it to prove its efficacy. Meanwhile Emily swipes another vial from his bag. (Does anyone even understand exactly how or why Luke is doing this?)

Daniel, Charlotte and Margaux meet with Javier about his app. Javier is excited that Daniel made a phone call and got his parole lifted (why didn’t Nolan do this?). Margaux and Daniel promise Javier untold fortune and fame.

Aiden and Nolan corner Brenda Evans, who tases Nolan when he says he wants to know about Oscar Chapman. Aiden tackles Brenda, whose wig comes off. “You’re Oscar Chapman?!” Aiden gasps. Oscar apologizes to Nolan and Aiden about the taser and explains that Aiden’s dad came to him with the story of a lifetime — he was being blackmailed to plant something on an airplane or his daughter would be murdered. Aiden is relieved to learn that his father believed he was planting diamonds, not a bomb, on the plane! Nobody is shocked when Oscar reveals that Trevor didn’t commit suicide, Pascal murdered him. Dun dun dun!!!

Charlotte gives Javier a tour of Grayson Manor. He’s starstruck.

Emily shows Jack the vial she swiped — it’s a mixture of saline and gelatin.

At the South Fork Inn, Pascal reveals to Conrad that he has a 20-year-old recording implicating Conrad in the bombing of the plane. “I control what the world hears. Which means I control you,” he sneers. Meanwhile, Nolan — who is awfully feelings-oriented today — offers Aiden a hug… and we see they’re being watched.

Daniel and Victoria chat about Charlotte’s continued bad taste in troubled young men and Daniel presses her about Luke Gilliam. He’s nervous that there’s going to be some controversy that will put the family back in the spotlight, but Victoria assures him she has it all under control. Daniel realizes his mother has a master plan with Luke. “I’m testing a theory,” Victoria grins.

Nolan is not happy to learn Javier has taken up with the Graysons. “Daniel and Margaux are looking out for me!” Javier screams. “No one plays me.” Nolan rolls his eyes, sighing, “You’ve already been played.”

Oscar (not in drag this time) walks into his home to find Pascal waiting for him. Pascal doesn’t give Oscar a chance to yell for help and shoots him dead!

“Hypocrisy is alive and well and living in the Hamptons,” Luke says to Victoria when she arrives at his environmental award ceremony. Emily is excited. At the awards ceremony, Luke does his signature “drink the chemicals” thing and Jack quickly puts an SD card in the computer, which changes the projection to read “Taste good, Mr. Gilliam?” Suddenly, Luke realizes he drank the REAL solution and passes out. At the hospital, Emily Skypes him (with a disembodied voice) and tells him he had better do what she says or else.

Jack confronts Margaux about helping Daniel steal Javier from Nolan. Margaux doesn’t want to hear it, so Jack basically dumps the shallow bitch.

Daniel hands Charlotte the keys to a Bentley and the two bond before Nolan arrives. He confronts the Grayson siblings and then presses a button that shorts out the electricity in their yard. “You may have infected Margaux and…this one (pointing to Charlotte),” Nolan says. “This is war.”

Aiden meets with Conrad, who shows the Brit a picture of Oscar’s dead body. After Aiden leaves, a nameless man asks Conrad if Aiden’s going to be a problem. Conrad shrugs and says he’s got it under control, just like he had it under control when he pointed Pascal to Oscar!

Emily enjoys a glass of wine, celebrating her little revenge project. Luke has sent papers proving Conrad’s involvement in the plane, but it doesn’t prove much regarding David being framed. Jack tells Emily that he and Margaux are most likely over. After he leaves, she pulls out her red pen and crosses out Luke’s face on the Grayson Global photo…

…as Victoria, sitting on Pascal’s lap, does the same with black ink! We see that Victoria has the same photo with the same faces crossed out, and finally, after three seasons, she tells Pascal that Emily isn’t just after the Graysons — she wants Revenge. For David.

Closing Thoughts
It was nice to see the return of the red Sharpie, but the real highlight of the episode was the absurdity of Oscar Chapman parading around as Brenda Evans (only to die a few scenes later), and the fact that neither Aiden or Nolan comments on how ridiculous things are getting. The takedown was pretty lame, until Victoria’s involvement was revealed.

Takedown of the week: Luke Gilliam
“We hardly knew ye” of the week: Oscar Chapman/Brenda Evans
Who are you and what have you done with Jack’s girlfriend: Margaux LeMarchal
Clearly marked for doom: Javier

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