50 Things to Do Before Memorial Day: Reserve a Flyboard

Reserve a flyboard from Flyboard LI!
Reserve a flyboard from Flyboard LI! Photo: Billy Sardone Photography

Memorial Day weekend draws ever closer, and while we at Dan’s Papers can’t wait, we also know there are many things we have to squeeze in during the next week on the East End, lest we lose our chance with all that summer brings. We know that if we don’t get out and do these now, we’ll have to wait until after Labor Day before we try again…and so will you!

We continue our countdown of things to do before Memorial Day weekend on the East End with #8: Reserve a Flyboard

The Hamptons has no shortage of water sports and activities, but the growing sport of flyboarding is only just making its way to our shores, so make your reservations now before the wait becomes far longer than your time in the water.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of flyboarding? It’s ok, few have on the East End. Imagine walking on water, then walking on air—it’s kind of like that, combined with snowboarding and flying a jetpack, Rocketeer style! Or like Boba Fett, but his flight was…well…less successful.

The “board” is strapped to the flyer’s feet and a long hose is connected to the back of a jet ski, which then blasts water through the hose and out, away from the flyers feet, creating a strong propulsion, powerful enough to  lift a person up into the air. Real pros alternate between sailing high above the water and diving in and then back out again with the grace of a dolphin. Sounds cool, right?

The region’s first flyboard rental company, Flyboard LI has just set up shop at Treasure Cove Resort Marina (469 East Main Street) on Riverhead’s Peconic River, and we’re expecting the sport to take off (literally) once people get a look at what these things can do. They’re doing some demos and rentals by appointment, but the schedule begins in earnest after Memorial Day, so make your reservations now!

For reservations, hours and rates, visit Flyboard LI on Facebook or flyboardli.com, or call 631-901-2661.

Come back tomorrow for 50 Things to Do Before Memorial Day in the Hamptons #7.

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