Cindy Adams Tells ‘Villains’ to Leave Alec Baldwin Alone

Cindy Adams.
Cindy Adams. Photo credit: Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images/Thinkstock

Page Six columnist Cindy Adams today came to the defense of Alec Baldwin, who has found himself in tabloid headlines once again this month after an arrest that followed riding his bicycle the wrong way in Manhattan.

“Mother Teresa he’s not, but not all’s his fault,” Adams writes. “He’s baited.”

She recalls Baldwin as a young, talented and dedicated Broadway actor.

Adams pointed back to 2007, when a voicemail Baldwin left for daughter Ireland was leaked. “Me, I remember every two weeks he’d leave his theater, fly all night to see her for one day in LA, then grab the red-eye to be onstage next day,” Adams writes.

She tells the “villains” to stop ambushing Baldwin and pick on “some pickpocket” instead.

We couldn’t agree more.

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