Getting Fit? Firm Answers from Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson
Tracy Anderson

When it comes to trainers, it’s pretty hard to compete with Tracy Anderson. She has helped sculpt the bodies of everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow. Now that her Water Mill studio is back up and running full time, we caught up with the fitness expert to find out about what’s to come.

You’re a long-time Hamptons resident. What attracted you to this area?
I grew up on a farm in Indiana. The working world is hard and it’s nice to be able to come home to something that reminds you of where you grew up.

What does your ideal day in the Hamptons include?
Waking up to the view and the quiet with my kids, going to the beach, paddleboarding, playing in the snow or something else outside, heading into town in Sag Harbor to grab some seafood at the Dockhouse…Dinner is my favorite meal of the day so I love to cook for everyone. The end of my ideal day would either be going to the movies with my kids or snuggling on the couch with my son watching one of our favorite shows in the winter, and in the summer it’s outside all of the time with friends and family.

Can you single out some of your favorite healthy eateries?
I love Tutto Il Giorno, Fresh, La Fondita, Mary’s Marvelous and Navy Beach.

What’s your personal workout routine like?
I make sure I work out six days per week. My workouts are like my own personal meditation. I’m really in my comfort zone and feel most creative when I’m there. I always do one hour of muscular structure and then I try to do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest cardio DVD and what inspired it?
My latest DVD Unleash Your Inner Popstar is a really nurturing, fun way to remind people that we all have a dancer in us. It’s never too late to learn to dance and my dance cardio is an amazing high calorie burn; providing tools for people in their homes to create balance where there is imbalance in their bodies is my mission.

What inspired the men’s class and how does it differ from your women’s workout?
Men need balance in their bodies just as much as women. The truth is we are all unique and we all have certain weaknesses. I have created a vast bank of male specific content over the last few years that helps men feel lean in a suit and strong the way a man should feel strong.

What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when trying to kick-start a healthy routine?
Expecting unrealistic or sustainable results from things that seem too good to be true. Just be honest with yourself. We all juggle work, family and life in general. I get it. Showing up for yourself sounds simple, but it’s more than half the battle of staying fit and making healthy eating choices. Knowledge is power and the truth of your results is the truth of your performance. You are how you move and you have to be focused. Being honest with yourself is the first step and until you can do that, you can kiss “bikini body ready” bye-bye.

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?
Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate bars and Garden of Eatin’ Nacho chips are really the only things I ever snack on.

How do you fuel pre- and post-workout?
Every morning I have my wellness shake with rice milk. I prefer to work out in the morning so I’m ready for the rest of the day. Post work out, I usually crave protein and will chop grilled chicken with mustard, capers and rice crackers. I have to have chocolate everyday. I never deprive myself of what my body craves.

Classes at Tracy Anderson Water Mill studio, 903 Montauk Highway, 212-965-1408, are $45.

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