Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: The Meaning of Your Life

Happy Accident - See mistakes as opportunities
A happy accident — see mistakes as opportunities, Photo: idal/iStock/Thinkstock

The meaning of your life is to give your life meaning.

Don’t look outside of yourself for someone to give your life meaning or to help you feel fulfilled and complete. We are all growing and no one else has all the answers to your questions about life, even if they say they do.

You are the answer to your life’s questions. You can live a life of quality and meaning, a life where you feel fulfilled and complete, but only if you make an effort to understand yourself and to accept yourself as you are. You can do that alone or with another person who helps you be yourself. Being committed to growing lovingly and consciously makes life a magical adventure.

In our case, with my wife Amy being an artist since she was a toddler and me being a musician first and then a writer, our goal has always been to make our life a work of art and our art a work of life. We have always consciously incorporated the life lessons we were learning into the art we were making.

Living is an art and all of us trying to bring love into our lives are artists. Every artist knows a creation of the moment is a creation of the moment, so fragile and delicate it can be ruined as easily as it can be strengthened.

A most valuable lesson of being an artist is learning how to integrate the inevitable mistakes that are a part of developing—what we call the principle of the “controlled accident.” Eventually, you learn to recognize, forgive, and even embrace these mistakes as opportunities to grow and create something original and wonderful.

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