Revenge Top 5: Season 4 Predictions

Victoria Grayson looks forward to Season 4
Victoria Grayson looks forward to Season 4, Photo: ABC

Season 3 of Revenge ended on an epic note Sunday, with Jack arrested for Charlotte’s faux-kidnapping, Nolan getting himself embroiled in a plot with Javier to take down LeMarchal and get MyClone back, Victoria murdering Aiden, David Clarke revealed to be alive and stabbing Conrad, and Emily having Victoria committed. Since several of my predictions for this season came true — Aiden dying, Lydia returning, among others — here are my Top 5 biggest predictions for Revenge Season 4.

5. “Labor Day” mystery leaves several characters’ lives in the balance, not just one
Season 1 and 2 both opened with an unidentified character killed (which turned out to be Tyler in Season 1 and Fauxmanda in Season 2), but Season 3 opened with Emily being shot, leading to a more traditional whodunit. Having a specific character getting shot or killed in the Season 4 opener would be less exciting than trying to guess who took the bullet. Much like the oft-quoted Dallas tagline of yesteryear, “Who Shot Emily?” was a compelling hook for the first half of Season 3, but I don’t think another “Who Shot _____?” would have much weight in Season 4, except possibly if Victoria is the victim. Instead, we’ll get a cataclysmic event that leaves the fates of several characters up in the air.

4. Daniel slowly starts to redeem himself
When Daniel told Margaux the truth about Flight 197 and that he felt he’d sold his soul to be able to go on living with such terrible knowledge, he warned Margaux against compromising hers. We also got a sense that he is truly disgusted with his father’s actions. Hopefully we’re about to turn a corner and let the character learn to solve problems without shooting people.

3. The big love triangle: Victoria/David/Stevie
With showrunner Sunil Nayar all but confirming that the kind-hearted, easily manipulated Stevie Grayson is on her way back to the Hamptons next season, and Conrad likely dead, Victoria and Stevie are going to need some more reasons to fight. Now that David is back, Victoria’s feelings will likely get all mixed up, while Stevie’s drive to do right by him (remember, she tried to represent him at one point but Conrad hushed her) will lead to her own emotional tumult. Of course, this is all assuming that David hasn’t transformed into a psychopath.

2. David is a psychopath
It would make perfect sense — David Clarke is framed, imprisoned, presumed dead and not avenged for nearly 20 years. The guy definitely has some issues (he stabbed Conrad!), and what would be more devastating for Emily and Nolan than their beloved David Clarke being a deranged lunatic?

1. Emily and Jack declare their love by the end of the Season 4
After spending Season 3 getting the two back on speaking terms while developing romances with other characters, Jack and Emily are finally free to find their way back to each other. Of course, Jack just got arrested and Emily is mourning Aiden (probably in a destructive, not-at-all healthy way), so it may take a while. By the end of the Season 4, though, I’m confident Emily and Jack will finally come together.

What are your predictions for next Revenge Season 4? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter. Have a great summer, Team Revenge!

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David Clarke Revenge Psychopath Meme
Photo: ABC

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