Steven Spielberg and Oprah Release The Hundred-Foot Journey Trailer

The Hundred-Foot Journey movie poster (cropped)
The Hundred-Foot Journey movie poster (cropped), Photo: Dreamworks

Wearing their producers’ hats, Hamptonite Steven Spielberg and East End visitor Oprah Winfrey have just released the first trailer for their upcoming film The Hundred-Foot Journey.

With elements of forbidden love, culture-clash, bad driving and gourmet food, The Hundred-Foot Journey brings Richard C. Morais‘ book (of the same name) to life. The film, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, features Oscar-winner Helen Mirren (The Queen), along with a relatively unknown French and Indian cast.

Set in the quaint, fictional town of Lumiere in the French Alps, the story focuses on two restaurants—one, a traditionally French place headed by an unpleasant Madame Mallory (Mirren), the other, Maison Mumbai, is run by a family of Indian immigrants right next door.

In true Hollywood fashion, the Madame is at first frustrated, then inquisitive, and then finally at peace with their competition. The young son of the restaurant’s owner is head chef, and his secret love affair with a cook in Mallory’s kitchen gives him the omelette skills he needs to win the her affection.

With flair that can only be had with an adaptation of an American book, directed by a Swedish man, starring a English woman trying to do a French accent and an Indian man, The Hundred-Foot Journey (probably referring to the distance between the restaurants) promises to give us an authoritative look into life in a made-up place and its Capulet-vs-Montague-like eateries.

Watch the trailer below!

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