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Birch Coffee in Sag Harbor Offers Iced Coffee Growlers to Go

Birch Coffee has come to the Hamptons and they’ve brought the perfect way to bring coffee to the beach: “Growlers to Go.”

Birch Coffee is an independent craft coffee house located in New York City. Birch Coffee not only offers original and unique types of coffee, including cold-pressed iced coffee and single origin roasts, but the company also gives great attention to where their product comes from. The coffee is grown in the most ideal conditions and comes from farmers who are dedicated to sustainability. This month, Birch Coffee is offering single origin roasts called Kenya French Mission and Honduras EL Jaguar. Customers can always find regular brews Birch Blend, Emma’s Espresso, and Cold Brew.

And coffee is just the beginning. Birch Coffee also serves food and baked goods, which come from as many local harvests as possible. Meals include Grilled Cheese Gorgonzola Apple, Roasted Eggplant Sandwich, and Feta Pizza. Beer and wine are both on the menu too. In Manhattan, Birch Coffee can be found on East 27th Street, Columbus Ave, and 7th Ave.

Now, Birch Coffee has opened an outpost at Richie Notar’s new Harlow East restaurant in Sag Harbor. Coffee will be served from 7 a.m. to noon, but that doesn’t mean coffee lovers can’t have their fix past 12 p.m.

The Birch Coffee iced coffee “Growlers to Go” offer customers the chance to easily take their iced coffee with them to the beach and enjoy it throughout the day with their friends. For only $46, the package includes a canvas tote filled with a 64-ounce glass growler of cold-brewed Birch Coffee iced coffee, ten cups and straws, sweetener, a jar of milk, and a bucket of ice.

Customers won’t find beer in these growlers, but only refreshing iced coffee. Rethinking the use of these classic jugs allows coffee lovers their Growlers to Go anywhere and enjoy coffee as they relax on the beach.

The Sag Harbor location of Birch Coffee is now open for customers to purchase Growlers to Go. Harlow East will also offer Birch Coffee iced coffee as part of the regular menu. Beginning July 4, the outlet will be open daily. For now, however, Birch Coffee will be open Thursday through Sunday.

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