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Montauk Chronicles to Ship This Summer, Director Says

It seems, at long last, Christopher Garetano‘s final cut of his highly anticipated film Montauk Chronicles is finished, and the director promises to begin shipping pre-ordered DVD and Blu-ray copies this summer.

First screened in Montauk in 2012, the film about the infamous Montauk Project and Camp Hero conspiracy ended up back in production after Garetano’s vision for it expanded and he decided to improve upon what he already had. Restless fans have waited another two years to see a final cut, but the filmmaker has made assurances that a much better and more complete version will arrive in their mailboxes.

In a note sent to fans on Thursday, Garetano explains, “Here’s the latest (and final) update before we start shipping. We’re finally finished!!!! The picture is locked and everything is ready to go.” He announced Friday that his sound mixer (Mark Nadolski) is traveling from Chicago to New York in the second week of June for a final wash on their mix. “Everything else is ready to go!” Garetano promises, adding, “What’s left is just this time between the mix and ultimately the turn-around/replication time at the manufacturer.”

A scene from Christopher Garetano's
A scene from Christopher Garetano’s “Montauk Chronicles” trailer

Immediately following that, Montauk Chronicles will ship to pre-order customers and will also be made available for all new customers.

“I will do everything in my power to expedite the shipping for ALL pre-order customers,” Garetano says in his note, explaining that discs will ship in the order received.

“Thanks so much, to all pre-order customers, for their amazing patience,” he adds. “It’s been an arduous (but rewarding) time reconfiguring parts of this movie. I’m confident to say, it’s now perfect and I have absolutely no desire to touch another frame.”

A scene from Christopher Garetano's
A scene from Christopher Garetano’s “Montauk Chronicles” trailer

Urging fans to “Please hang in there a little longer,” the director said he’s absolutely thrilled to present the film. “The only benefit for me in these past months was that I came through with the best possible movie regarding the Montauk Project,” Garetano says. “It’s everything I ever wanted it to be and I can’t wait for all of you to finally see it.”

He invites anyone with questions about the film and its release to write him. “Otherwise I will announce it loud and clear as soon as we’re shipping.”

Watch the Montauk Chronicles trailer below.

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