Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Aromatherapy Advice

Aromatherapy is relaxing and good for you!
Aromatherapy is relaxing and good for you! Photo: botamochi/iStock/Thinkstock

Aromatherapy is a deeply relaxing and healing do-it-yourself treatment. Aromatherapy helps to revitalize, relax and de-stress.

You will find the therapeutic effects of the following easy-to-find oils and scents to be restorative and revitalizing. Just add a few drops to your bath or body lotion when you feel you need an extra-special boost to soothe and uplift your personal space.

Almond fosters feelings of determination and a pioneering spirit. It helps you leave the past behind so that you can move forward.

Cinnamon stimulates creativity, desire, focus and motivation. It helps foster a positive attitude, encouraging you to rise above adversity, seize the initiative, overcome procrastination and self-pity, and magnify your life’s purpose.

Clove is rich and spicy and fills your space with comfort and glowing warmth.

Eucalyptus reduces emotional overload.

Lime creates an inspiring, joyful and positive environment and is great for neutralizing extreme imbalances.

Lavender has been treasured for centuries for its ability to purify, soothe and heal.

Orange is warming and reduces self-consciousness.

Peppermint improves concentration. This fresh, snappy and penetrating scent is stimulating, pacifying, purifying and invigorating.

Pine promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding and protection, which result from being close to nature.

Rose helps release buried emotional turmoil. Rose is a soothing antidepressant that helps to strengthen your inner being.

Rosemary is good for helping to heal past energetic traumas, heartache and boundary violations.

Sandalwood helps to stimulate a sense of peace and emotional well-being.

Tea tree is unique and effective for the cold and flu season. Spray onto a tissue and inhale to clear a stuffy nose and provide instant relief. Spray on pillowcases for a soothing night’s sleep.

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