The Scoop on 2014 Hamptons Swimwear Trends

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Swimsuit season is here, so we turned to Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), a worldwide leader in fashion trend forecasting, to find out everything you need to know. Here Jaclyn Jones, senior womenswear editor, and Matt Feniger, menswear editor, share their expert opinions.

Jones and Feniger reveal that “twice each year the WGSN color team collaborates with international color experts to create the WGSN palette that forecasts approximately two years ahead. Throughout the season we further breakdown the color trends into regional color palettes, and category color palettes. Specifically, palettes that will work well in the U.S. for women’s, juniors, men’s, etc. To determine these trends, we look everywhere from catwalks, to tradeshows, art exhibits, street style and festivals for emerging trends, pattern, color, fabric and styling direction. We then try to connect the dots to find commonalities across the board.”

The youth market tends to drive many of the trends and is truly redefining the industry. They are young and not afraid to take risks in terms of styling, color and print, and they are also connected to social media and are informing how retailers market and influence this younger generation. A lot of what millennials are wearing to the beach (and everywhere else) is impacting the entire market.

What are the go-to colors for Summer 2014? Are they the same for ready-to-wear as swimwear? 

Black, white, cornflower blue, hot pink, metallic gold, mint green, navy blue, orange, sea green and sunshine yellow are the key swimwear colors for Spring/Summer ’14.

There is definite crossover from ready-to-wear  styles with hot pink, orange, sunshine yellow, navy, black and white. There will always be crossover and commonalities with swimwear adopting some of the brighter and more vibrant tones within the same color family.

What cuts do you foresee being popular this season in swimwear? 

In terms of two-piece styles, we are forecasting the halter strap bandeau, floaty cropped tops, underwire bra tops, frilly and high-waisted briefs,
and low-cut bottoms being popular this season.

Additionally, one-piece silhouettes continue to gain momentum with retro crisscross halter tops, cutout waist styles, mesh paneled sport styles, and basic scoop necks.

Are there colors that will never go out of style? 

Yes, black, white and navy are always core colors for swim and ready-to-wear.

Are there any swimwear designers Hamptonites should keep their eyes on? 

Absolutely, some designers gaining in popularity in the U.S. are Triangl, Zimmermann, Seafolly and White Sands.

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