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East Hampton Historical Society to Host Life-Saving Station Benefit

The East Hampton Historical Society will host a benefit for the restoration of the historic Amagansett Life Saving and Coast Guard Station on Friday, August 1 at East Hampton’s Clinton Academy.

From 6–8 p.m., the reception will feature an exhibition called June 13, 1942: Saboteurs Land in Amagansett featuring documents, artifacts and uniforms related to the legendary Nazi saboteurs, who landed on our shores by submarine U-boat that summer  to set off on Operation Pastorius—a sabotage mission directed against strategic American economic targets, which eventually failed.

The Germans planned to create munitions and blow up hydroelectric plants at Niagara Falls, Aluminum Company of America factories in Illinois, Tennessee and New York, along with a number of other railroad targets, manufacturing plants, bridges, water facilities, Jewish owned businesses and more.

One of the four saboteurs was discovered in the Amagansett dunes by Coast Guardsman John C. Cullen, and eventually the Germans’ uniforms and more were discovered, setting off a massive manhunt for the men.

The team’s leader, George Dasch, eventually betrayed his comrades and helped the FBI foil the German gambit before it ever got going.

The exhibition will remain on view through Monday, October 13. Entry to the benefit is $100 per person, and all proceeds will go toward the completion of the restoration and renovation of the Amagansett Life Saving and Coast Guard Station‘s 1902 structure.

Clinton Academy is located at 151 Main Street in East Hampton Village. For more information about the benefit, call the East Hampton Historical Society at 631-324-6850, or visit easthamptonhistory.org.

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