Finding Wellness with Dr. Deborah Musso

Dr. Deborah Musso
Dr. Deborah Musso

Dr. Deborah Musso has been a leading wellness practitioner for years. Her Southampton office, Sea Change East, is known for offering unique treatment plans that help patients improve their physical, emotional, and mental health. We spoke with Dr. Musso about her background and innovative practice.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what got you interested in wellness? 

I graduated from chiropractic school and opened my first New York City office. Soon afterwards, I purchased a country home in East Hampton. As my practice expanded and many of my patients were spending their summers out east, I started a “weekend” practice out of my East Hampton home. I turned a screened gazebo into an outdoor treatment room where the environment became a natural part of the healing environment. People came to me with a variety of concerns—from severe back pain to addictive behaviors and depression. After a year of offering traditional chiropractic and restorative therapeutics care, I became curious about patients who returned month after month with the same pattern of muscle tension and misaligned structures. Although they were feeling better after each session, the patterns, behaviors and perspective did not shift. Thus I began my journey from restorative therapeutics to wellness.

Reorganizational Healing is the foundation for all of the services that we offer. It utilizes the modalities of Network Spinal Analysis and Somatic Respiratory Integration. These leading-edge “hands-on” technologies remind the body how to unravel its own tension, stress and traumas, allowing the patient to move beyond limiting beliefs and stories into a journey from “the tree of knowledge” (head) to the “tree of life” (heart and wisdom).

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their own wellness? 

Confusing knowledge with wisdom. Knowledge comes from accruing and storing information. Wisdom, in the sense used here, comes from integrating that knowledge on all levels of being. Many people intellectually know the negative effects that stress has on wellbeing. Yet they haven’t integrated this knowledge into their being. Though they strive for healthier lifestyles, they are still unable to make the changes that they know will reduce the detrimental effects of their stress.

Can you talk us through a typical initial session with you?

An initial office visit is an opportunity to sit together to discuss specific concerns. We evaluate your structure, muscles and nervous system. We check for the presence of one of five different possible phases of spinal cord and connective tissue tension patterns. Then we use precise touches to specific areas near the ends of your spine to create a spontaneous wave-movement that travels through your body/mind, changing the frequency of the phase and releasing the tension. Hands on, specific entrainments help the central nervous system reorganize and evolve, and people receiving care are able to easily and effortlessly decrease pain, reduce tension and adapt to change while developing a greater awareness of the relationships between their body, mind and emotions.

How long do people typically work with you?

People work with me at their discretion. Some folks are just about getting out of pain and we do that quite well in as little as six to eight weeks. Others choose to spend more time restoring and reorganizing their body/mind and their lives—and they stay for a year or so. Then there is my favorite, my wellness partner. They create a wellness team, often including nutrition, exercise, yoga, mediation, etc. and they choose to partner with me so that all their practices will be optimized and utilized so that they can continue to express their personal best each and
every day.

What are your price ranges? 

From $75 to $300, and most major medical insurance covers our services.

What are some of your favorite health-minded spots in the Hamptons? 

The Hamptons is my favorite healing spot. While the actual location, surrounded by sea, plays an integral role, it’s the state of mind—the allure of paradise and the sustainable bounty of the land, the integration of joy, love and the pursuit of happiness—when coupled with living a whole and fulfilled life that makes the East End so special.

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