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Historic Moment in Hamptons Fourth of July Traffic History

One Fourth of July, Route 114, Route 27, County Road 39, County Road 79, Route 24, the Sunrise Highway, County Road 80, County Road 111, Route 495, County Road 25, County Road 105, County Road 22, the Montauk Parkway, Route 27A, State Road 48, Route 38, County Road 75, Route 38, County Road 52, County Road 60, County Road 32, Route 104, County Road 31, County Road 94 and the Three Mile Harbor Hog Creek Road all came together in a great convergence that was heard as far away as Kalamazoo and Timbuktu. The police arrived, the ambulances, the fire department, the paramedics and as it turned out, nobody was injured.

It was a great day to remember. And it has never happened again.

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