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Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Healing Through the Four Directions

When we seek to draw ultimate energy from the universe, we turn to the four directions from which all energy comes: North, East, South and West.

You can use the four directions to invoke something special, or as a way to leave behind the stresses of the moment. It can also be a way to create an opening for something  magical to be manifested.

North signifies the element of earth and signifies the power of the physical body. It denotes the power of the five senses and the need to listen to the sensations of the body. If you want to find North energy, it can be found in the rocks, sand and soil of Mother Earth. To heal yourself through this energy, pay attention to good nutrition, hygiene, body language and sleep.

East signifies the element of air and signifies the power of the mind. It denotes the strength of thinking process and mental health. In order to find East energy, you must look for it in the winds and in the very breathe of human life. To heal yourself through this energy, concentrate on positive self-talk, affirmations and writing in a thought journal.

South signifies the element of fire and illustrates the power of action. It denotes the active, “doing” realm. In order to locate South energy you should look for it in flame, lightning and electricity. To heal yourself through this energy, do it through exercise, positive behavior and good life-structuring habits.

West signifies the element of water and signifies the power of emotions. It represents our ability to connect in powerful ways with our feelings. If you want to find West energy, look for it in the ocean, lakes, rivers and streams. To heal your emotions you need to express your feelings openly and be as active in giving comfort to others as you wish to be comforted.

Check out Monte’s books and tools in his Enchanted World Emporium in East Hampton (8 Main Street), 631-324-7695.

Read here about Monte Farber, the Hamptons’ number one psychic.

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