Police Blotter

Hamptons Police Blotter: Sergio Eisalat’s Egg Salad Reward Causes Chaos

Chaos reigned across the East End of Long Island on Saturday as area chefs and amateur cooks stampeded supermarket aisles and farmstands collecting ingredients for egg salad.

Emergency alerts were issued in several villages. Many supermarkets reported shortages of eggs, mayonnaise, and—oddly enough—chervil. The problems began after Sergio Eisalat, famed reality TV personality, announced a reward of $5,000 to the person who could bring him an egg salad recipe to equal the prized egg salad recipe he reported stolen last week. Eisalat made headlines after reporting to Hamptons police that the “best egg salad recipe in the world” went missing from his briefcase. It was the only existing copy of the recipe, which he calls “priceless” but values at $4,000 for insurance purposes.

Traffic leading to Eisalat’s driveway on Saturday afternoon became impassable, requiring police to establish a detour, and the roadsides became littered with discarded containers of half-consumed egg salad. Later, neighbors called police to complain of a sulfurous cloud apparently emanating from Eisalat’s summer rental.

Investigations are ongoing.

Eggs Sold Out at Catenas in Southampton
Eggs Sold Out at Catenas in Southampton, Photo: Oliver Peterson
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