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Jimmy Buffett Plays Jones Beach, Gives Talkhouse a Shoutout

North Haven’s own Jimmy Buffett played Jones Beach last night, and the Jolly Mon may be feeling a bit nostalgic for the East End.

Halfway through his set, he played his hit “Volcano,” giving it a unique introduction. Buffett named the volcano in the song, saying that he was about to sing about “Mt. Stephen Talk-a-housa.”

“Amagansett will never be the same!” he announced at the end of the song—but not before he had some people in the crowd pondering the validity of his claims about volcanic activity being investigated in Amagansett.

An East End institution, does the Stephen Talkhouse have the same acclaim West of the Canal? Cheers were loud when “Mt. Stephen Talk-a-housa” blew, but they may have been coming from Editorial Director Eric Feil and wife Tina; Art Director Tina Guiomar and boyfriend Jason Feinberg; and editor Kelly Laffey, her sister Katie and her parents, all of whom were in attendance.

Buffett’s breezy tunes were set to a backdrop of stunning beach photos including, of course, one of the Montauk Lighthouse.

Will Jimmy be returning for a set at the Talkhouse soon? Buffett is on tour through Labor Day, as which point he takes a break before a European stint (“He Went to Paris…”). Keep your eyes peeled for an East End Buffett sighting mid-September! Fins up!

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