New Revenge Season 4 Clip Reveals: Emily Would Do It All Again

Victoria calls home from the psych ward
Victoria calls home from the psych ward, Photo: Revenge Video Still, ABC

Revenge Season 4 premieres this Sunday, September 28, and it looks like the faux Hamptons won’t disappoint!

ABC released their latest teaser on Tuesday, including for the first time, an actual scene from an upcoming episode—most likely the first of the season, “Renaissance.” The clip (SPOILERS AHEAD!) features a brutal phone conversation between Emily and Victoria, which begins as the (former?) Hamptons queen of mean calls Grayson Manor to explain that she’s being held captive in the psych ward where she is locked away, thanks to her devious daughter in-law.

Of course Victoria is horrified to hear Emily answer the phone and inform her that she’s taken over mortgage payments for the Grayson’s former stronghold and she doesn’t feel even a bit of pity for her disgraced nemesis.

I’ve hurt you, I admit it, but you’ve hurt me too—I just want to end this cycle,” Victoria pleads.

“I want my childhood back,” Emily responds coldly, calling Victoria out on the pain she’s caused her, while also acknowledging what she’s done to Victoria as a result of that pain, adding, “…and I’d do it all again.”

It. Is. On!

Even from this clip—which ends with Victoria being taken away by a creepy doctor and his Thorazine syringe-brandishing nurses—it still appears Revenge may deliver a role reversal in Season 4, casting Emily as the villain (she’s even living in Victoria’s house!) and presenting Victoria as the wounded woman seeking vengeance.

We’ll know for sure in just a few days when Revenge Season 4 premieres on ABC this Sunday, September 28 at 10 p.m.

Our Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap series returns Monday, September 29 and our Revenge Top 5 lists begin every Thursday, starting on October 2!

Now watch the clip below. SPOILER ALERT #2: It reveals some of the great surprises from Season 3, so skip it if you have yet to catch up.

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