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10 Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Actually Pull Off

A great Halloween costume is not complete without makeup. Here are 10 Halloween makeup ideas to complement your costume, or to inspire a completely new look.

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Spider-web makeup is perfect for a black widow costume, but also a good addition to witch garb. Add red lipstick—or your color of choice—and black lip liner to up the spookiness.

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Go full pumpkin, of just half pumpkin, with orange and black face paint.

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It doesn’t get simpler than just painting your whole head green. Become the Wicked Witch or Frankenstein’s Monster without having to be a makeup technician,

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Bleeding eyes will up the creepy factor for vampire (it’s very True Blood) and zombie costumes, but it has other applications as well. Get a tube of fake blood—and avoid pouring it in your eyeballs!

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Become a work of art. Just a little makeup from one side of your neck to the opposite ear makes for a big effect. And it leaves the rest of your face free for more accessories to your Halloween outfit.

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Is that Tony the Tiger? Earn your stripes with tubes of white, orange and black costume makeup. Have a friend do the pumpkin makeup (see above) and share the tubes!

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Creating bite marks and other injuries is actually easier than it looks. The Walking Dead zombie makers recommend using—believe it or not—Jello.

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Calaveras makeup is a hallmark of the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, aka Day of the Dead. Wear this makeup with a traditional costume, or mix-and-match it with a modern Halloween idea.

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A skull face can go with many costumes, from a skeleton to the Grim Reaper.

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Go halfsies! Some makeup ideas look spectacular when covering your whole face, but can also work to great effect when split down the middle.

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