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East End Beardsmen – Countdown to No-Shave November: Billy Joel

America’s annual beardfest to raise cancer awareness, No-Shave November, starts tomorrow. As men around the country prepare to spend a month without shaving and enjoy the shaggy look, we celebrate facial follicles and countdown our favorite East End beardsman, from history and today. Let’s hope these hairy heroes help get you in the mood.

Piano Man Billy Joel, of Sag Harbor, has sported a goatee as his facial hair of choice in recent years, but he is no stranger to a full beard.

While other musicians shy away from face mane, Joel wears his proudly.

Does his beard come up in is first authorized biography, Billy Joel: The Definitive Biography?

Probably not, this time around, but there’s always the paperback.

Visit to find out more about the No-Shave November initiative.

Meet more East End Beardsmen.

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