Revenge Top 5: Tips for Season 4 Writers

Revenge Goodbye Charlotte meme
Charlotte goes to Europe—PLEASE! Photos: ABC, iStock/Thinkstock

Welcome back to our Revenge Top 5 series! This week, we’re giving the show some advice we think would elevate the fun drama in its new season.

5. Stop trying to make Charlotte work
Sorry, writers—we get that you tried to give Charlotte a new attitude last year and make her more integral to the plot, but she’s just not a compelling character, and the constant jarring personality shifts (like this new, unhinged Charlotte we are getting now) are not interesting. Send Charlotte off to Europe to study art (like her mom) and have her send a postcard every so often.

4. Give Nolan a proper love interest who isn’t infuriating
Nolan and Patrick went from being the hottest thing on the show to the most annoying couple on television after they started breaking up on a weekly basis. Patrick committing heinous acts of violence on his mother’s behalf didn’t help matters. Give Nolan a confident, sexy new man (or woman, if you must, but the viewers clearly responded more to Patrick than they did Padma) who will sweep him off his feet. And don’t break them up for at least four episodes.

3. Simplify the takedowns
Seasons 1 and 2 weren’t perfect, but the takedowns were very clear and served a clear purpose in Emily’s quest. The convoluted scheme Emily concocted in the Season 4 premiere was out of nowhere and made little sense, as did several of last season’s attempts.

2. Let Emily get away with more
Last season, almost all of Emily’s plans backfired. It took until the end of the season for Conrad to get his comeuppance, and with Victoria constantly one-upping her, Emily’s sinister plans felt less fun to watch. Emily’s demure smile does such a good job masking her often-cruel intentions, so let’s see more of it.

1. More Hamptons!
Hearing Nancy complain about the summer crowd taking over the East End was great [in Season 4, Episode 1], because we’ve all heard something like that in real life. We’d love to see more Hamptons references and authenticity. For example: Hamptons ladies don’t wear heels!

Come back every Thursday for a new Revenge Top 5, and don’t forget to check out our Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap on Mondays to get the lowdown on the previous night’s episode.

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