Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 5: “Repercussions”

David Clarke is an angel on Revenge Season 4, Episode 5, Repercussions
David Clarke is an angel on Revenge Season 4, Episode 5, Repercussions, Photo: ABC, iStock, Hemera/Thinkstock

Daniel proves he hasn’t grown up, Charlotte makes more bad decisions and Margaux and Ben continue to make us ask, “Why are you here?”

And now, Revenge Season 4, Episode 5: “Repercussions”…

David and Victoria put flowers on Fauxmanda’s grave as the paparazzi looks on at this week’s first nondescript location, which we’ll call the Fauxmanda Memorial Cemetery.

At the manse, Emily abuses a punching bag. Nolan tries to calm her down but she doesn’t want to hear it. The two argue when Nolan suggests that David is a broken man and that maybe he’s not who Emily remembers.

At his new digs (a nondescript motel, from the looks of it), Jack snaps at a paparazzo who asks if David blames him for Fauxmanda’s death.

New York City. Margaux is frustrated that Victoria won’t answer her requests to talk to David on behalf of Voulez, despite the fact that Vic owes her for a loan. Daniel reassures her that it’s for the best not to get involved with Victoria. They talk about Louise and learn that Margaux is already suspicious and jealous of Daniel’s new business partner.

Also NYC. David and Victoria get out of a car as the press (and Emily) watch nearby. Suddenly, a Dodge Challenger comes careening for David and we see the driver’s hand, which has a moon tattoo. Victoria does one of her signature “David!” screams and the car just misses him. Everyone is stunned as Victoria rushes David inside the hotel. Victoria tells David they should get out of town for a bit, but he declares that he wants to learn the truth about his daughter’s “death.” Victoria looks sick to her stomach.

Back at the manse, Nolan continues trying to reason with Emily, who is increasingly anxious to meet her father. Nolan reminds her that “Emily Thorne” is technically not family.

In the police station locker room, Jack’s boss tells him to go home until things with David blow over. In the episode’s first interesting scene, Jack angrily takes his shirt off. There may have been some plot here, but I got distracted. Sorry!

Daniel meets Louise at a NYC dress shop. They chat a bit about business, then Louise asks him about Victoria, who has been in the news because of David. “If you want to get my mom’s attention, date me,” he sighs. Louise changes into a beautiful dress and asks Daniel if he’s seeing anyone. “No,” Danny Boy stammers.

At the NYC hotel, Emily asks Charlotte for help getting to David, but Charlotte’s too busy being a bitch. After Emily suggests that Victoria was behind David’s attack earlier, a shaken Charlotte gets in the elevator. Upstairs, Charlotte asks Victoria if she staged the attack and Victoria is offended and stunned. Victoria suggests that Emily is manipulating her and that if Emily had come to town and been truthful from the beginning, Fauxmanda and Declan would still be alive. Them’s fightin’ words!

Jack and Nolan bond at the episode’s next nondescript location, the Not-Stowaway Bar. Jack doesn’t want to meet David, since Carl isn’t actually his grandson.

Emily catches Margaux giving an envelope to a bellhop and intercepts him, knowing that Margaux was buying access to David. The two argue and Margaux tells Ems off, making her realize that Margaux isn’t necessarily the ally she thought she had.

In Daniel’s hotel room, Louise continues to pry into his personal life. The Grayson idiot is back and charmed again! And after Louise makes an off-color joke about receiving electro-shock therapy, he’s apparently turned on enough to have sex.

Emily manages to make her way to David’s hotel room, but alas, Charlotte has taken him to meet Jack and Carl (bitch!). Meanwhile, Emily knocks on the hotel door and Victoria answers, expecting her. The two trade barbs, and Victoria (rightfully, to be fair) calls her out on all the trouble she caused in his name. Emily gets the final word, however, calling Victoria out on being afraid of losing “the last person who she could trick into loving her.”

Back in the Hamptons, Charlotte introduces Carl and Jack to David. “He has her eyes, right?” Charlotte smiles as David sees the baby. “Jack’s one of the good guys,” Charlotte gushes.

Out of nowhere, Ben gets a secret file on Conrad’s murder, telling his Fed buddy that he has a suspect and is going to solve the crime and make detective. Oh, Ben. You just marked yourself, dude.

David arrives at Nolan’s house and confronts him about why his daughter lived above a bar when Nolan was supposed to give her all that money. Nolan can’t give him the answers he wants, and David confides in him that the memory of his daughter is slipping away from him. He pulls Nolan into a tight, mildly heartbreaking hug.

Revenge Fancy Pottery Meme Season 4 Episode 5 Repercussions
David doesn’t like what he sees at Nolan’s house, considering his bar hag daughter, Photo: ABC

Jack pays Emily a visit at the beach house. As Emily touches the double infinity carving on the porch, Jack reassures her that David will understand what she’s done. Nolan shows up and tells Emily there’s a chance they could connect. “My father needs Amanda Clarke,” she decides.

Emily goes to visit Margaux at Voulez and apologizes for being rude to her at the hotel. She then proposes an idea to Margaux that will help David and make her look good.

Jack goes to confront Charlotte at her hotel (back in NYC, oddly). “You’re a coward, Jack…a joke,” Charlotte sighs. “You know what? You’re not like Victoria. You’re Conrad,” Jack replies bluntly. She tries to hit him and he grabs her. “I’m not Conrad,” she seethes.

Margaux goes to the NYC hotel and Daniel with a proposal (connected to Emily’s idea). He’s cold to her, but she’s persistent and gets his attention.

Victoria’s alarmed that David sent the cops home from the hotel. He admits he doesn’t entirely trust her. Daniel knocks on the door and meets David. He apologizes for Conrad’s actions and gives him the deed to the beach house! Victoria’s not happy.

David heads back to the beach house with Victoria and Daniel (in literally one scene—this shooting back and forth from NYC to the Hamptons just doesn’t happen, folks). Victoria is livid with Daniel and starts to make a scene, but Margaux enters with a camera crew and explains that she wants to help contain the media gossip of him moving back to the Hamptons and that he can trust her.

Emily and Nolan look on from the mansion next door. Nolan isn’t happy that Margaux and Daniel are friendly again. “Do we call them MarDan? Dangaux?” he asks.

“Trouble,” Emily answers.

Victoria is angry with Margaux, who says she wants first go at any David stories. Vic agrees, on the condition that she gets to approve anything before it goes to press. Margaux refuses and reminds Victoria about their loan, but Victoria goes so far as to threaten to smear Pascal’s memory, causing Margaux to reluctantly agree.

Daniel returns to his hotel (back in New York!), where Louise is waiting for him. He tells her that he won’t sleep with her again, because he and Margaux are a good pair. Louise says she understands, but the two agree to work together. In the elevator, Louise reminds the audience she’s cray cray by punching a mirror several times and then calling Page 6 with a story about Daniel.

Ben’s boss calls him out for investigating Conrad. After being reminded he’s nothing more than a beat cop, Ben hands over the file—but not before mentioning he thinks Jack could have killed Conrad!

At his new beach house, the beach house, David has unsettling memories about Amanda being taken from him.

Emily, Jack and Nolan toast David’s return to the beach house. She tells Team Revenge that she’s not going to reveal herself just yet—she wants her father to get healthy first. Suddenly, they hear a song in the background, Harry Nilson’s “Everybody’s Talkin,’” which Emily and her father danced to when she was a child. David looks out to the water wistfully.

Not a show to end on a touching note, we see Charlotte get into a taxi with sexy stranger…who has the crescent moon tattoo on his hand! David narrates the end montage, writing in his journal. As the episode ends, David says he was betrayed by someone he trusted and will get revenge in Amanda’s honor. Uh-oh…

Closing Thoughts: This show needs something, but I’m not sure what. A reboot, perhaps? David’s return was supposed to reenergize the show, but so far it just feels tired. And David clearly thinks Nolan stole money from him/his daughter. This could all be avoided with Emily just coming clean, but they need to stretch this out to 22 episodes, I suppose…

What do you guys think? Does this season need a change of direction? Where should it go? Do any of our fake spoilers fit the bill?

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