Top 5 Businesses Nolan Should Own on Revenge

Nolan leads a class at his Takeda School of Yoga and Meditation Revenge
Nolan leads a class at his Takeda School of Yoga and Meditation, Photo: ABC, Gewitterkind/iStock/Thinkstock

Nolan just bought a spa/country club so he could have some peace and relaxation (and do something other than hack federally protected websites for Emily). We thought of a few other business ventures the sexy/nerdy bon vivant might explore in the Hamptons.

Nolan’s Spyce of Life Shop: Nolan is a huge tech whiz, and we’ve learned over the years that he loves to use his skills for…surveillance purposes. Now that Emily is mostly done with her large-scale revenging, Nolan should use his whale cam-building skills and open a store where he can sell bespoke, high-end spy equipment to espionage aficionados and other shady corporate sabotage types.

Criminally Culinary: Nolan learned to cook during his six months in prison and enjoys using recipes he learned from his fellow inmates. We think he could easily compete in Dan’s Best of the Best with his food, so why not open a prison-themed restaurant filled with menus inspired by his time in the big house? He could even have specials, like Padma Pie or Tyler Tarts.

The Ross Collection: Of all the fabulous fashion plates on Revenge, Nolan has the most unique and fun wardrobe. The Hamptons is home to a long list of famous designers—Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Betsey Jonson, Isaac Mizrahi, the list goes on—and Nolan could follow in their footsteps. Each collection would be themed, like the Prison Collection, the Sidekick juniors line, Kidnapped Collection and so on.

Sexy Tech Ed: This one’s a no-brainer—Nolan should totally start a “Geek Squad” computer-help service. The twist? All the employees would be hunky men and salaciously beautiful women. He could even bring Javier on as a partner, and eventually expand into mobile, with Charvatar-style apps to help people with their tech problems remotely.

Takeda School of Yoga and Meditation: In honor and memory of the fallen Satoshi Takeda, Nolan should open an Eastern-inspired wellness center. Emily can plan the curriculum, which will include classes like “Don’t Get Mad–Get Zen” and “Hot Burning Flame of Vengeance Yoga.” Maybe Niko could return and teach “Inner Peace for Outer Crazy.”

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