Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 7: “Ambush”

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David is learning his father's magic, Photo: ABC, Oliver Peterson

Get ready for one wacky episode of Revenge, Hamptonites. Word of advice—check common sense at the door.

Cold open: Holy crap, there’s an explosion and Victoria is lifeless on the ground!

And now, Revenge, Season 4, Episode 7: “Ambush” (aka #RevengeReunion).

20 hours earlier, Victoria wakes in her bedroom at the beach house after hearing a sound coming from downstairs. Emily is sneaking around, searching for something in the dark. She hides when David turns on the light and asks if everything’s okay. Victoria deduces it must have been the wind. Because it’s always the wind when there’s a mysterious noise around Southampton, right?

Emily heads to Nolan’s house, where she finds him wide awake. He can’t sleep after what happened between him and David. Emily shows him what she swiped from the beach house: David’s knife and a mysterious key.

Margaux is riding high the next morning, thanks to the explosive Nolan/David confrontation. “Who knew Nolan stole that money from Amanda?” she marvels. Daniel, though, seems to have figured out the truth—he’s looking at his wedding photo to Emily on the computer. He is alarmed as Margaux mentions her tennis date with Louise.

Jack goes into the break room at the precinct to call Emily about the double infinity sign he found at the dead officer’s house. Ben interrupts and obnoxiously grabs the phone to embarrass Jack, but Emily hangs up. After shrugging off Ben, Jack runs into David, who apologizes for the Nolan shenanigans. Jack, of course, sympathizes with Nolan and mentions that Nolan and Fauxmanda were close—he even officiated their wedding. David, curious, asks who else Amanda was close with.

Daniel—who has traveled to the Hamptons pretty quickly from his NYC hotel—confronts Victoria at the beach house. He’s livid that everyone on earth seems to know Emily’s true identity except him (Charlotte told him the truth about her sis before leaving for rehab). Victoria could not care less that Daniel is angry, but warns him Emily will likely find a way to bring him down when she inevitably comes after the Graysons again.

At the manse, Emily opens the door to leave, but is stopped by David! “Emily Thorne? I’m David Clarke. I thought it was time we met.” Emily emotionally tells David that “Amanda” loved him very much, and he lies that he always thought about her in the “silo,” which of course we know can’t be true because he was never captive in that silo. David asks Emily if Victoria and “Amanda” were close, and Emily tells him about the baby shower Victoria threw for her in which Amanda took a spill over the Grayson staircase.

After David leaves, Emily rushes to Nolan, who watched the whole thing via security camera. Em’s devastated that David seemed to have no idea that she is his daughter. Nolan, though, has some good news: He’s traced the key to a lockbox in the city.

At the beach house, David asks Victoria why she didn’t do more to help Amanda. Victoria admits to an ugly confrontation at the baby shower, but tells him that there’s more to it and that he really should try to move on.

Margaux and Louise hang out in the steam room after tennis. After pressing Margaux for information on Victoria, Louise excuses herself. Outside the steam room, she suddenly runs into her mother (played by Carolyn Hennesy), a nasty piece who insults her and says she’ll never be good enough for the Graysons. After her mother‘s shaming, Louise turns up the heat in the steam room and locks the door as Margaux relaxes. “There. Are you happy now, mother? ARE YOU?!” she shouts, as we realize her mother was never there to begin with (which should’ve been clear to anyone who has watched television, ever).

Margaux wakes up as the steam room continues to intensify. She panics when she can’t open the door. She’s able to break the door open and faints as the spa workers rush to help her.

Victoria sits with an unnamed “friend” who bought all her stuff via auction when the Graysons went broke. When she gets a moment alone, she hurries to a horse sculpture she once owned and opens the bottom, revealing a gorgeous necklace.

Margaux threatens the head of the spa with a lawsuit. Nolan (out of nowhere) walks by and they exchange un-pleasantries. He then calls Emily, who is on her way to the lockbox.

Emily gets into an elevator and Daniel suddenly appears. He tries to intimidate her, but she slams him against the wall. She tries to press the security button, but he threatens to tell the world she’s Amanda. Daniel makes Emily promise that she’ll keep him out of her war with Victoria. She rolls her eyes and agrees to leave him alone, but the elevator breaks down, trapping the two together.

Jack and Ben investigate an anonymous call and find Vince’s apartment. After finding his dead body, they find the knife that Ben thinks killed Conrad (STOP WASTING OUR TIME, BEN!).

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Emily tries to open the elevator roof as Daniel goes over each and every moment the two shared with each other. He asks if any of them were real, and Emily tells him that there may have been a time or two when she kind of liked him, but it was ruined when he aligned with Conrad. She then climbs on top of him and is able to get out of the elevator. Daniel then gets a call from Margaux, who has realized that Louise tried to kill her.

David goes to the strip club where Fauxmanda used to wrk. He meets one of her friends, who feeds him a lie or two about how Victoria tried to give Amanda money many times before she came to the Hamptons. David leaves, happy, and Victoria is revealed to have been in the shadows. She pays the stripper with the necklace and grins.

Emily finds the lockbox, grabs a mysterious object and bolts.

Danny calls Louise and asks her if she locked Margaux in the steam room. Louise denies it and hangs up on him when he suggests she did it out of jealousy. “Men, always thinking it’s about them…” she says as she plays on her tablet, photoshopping Victoria’s head onto her mother’s body! Nolan sits down at the bar and Louise tells him she saw him on TV. Louise turns on the charm and Nolan is clearly taken with her.

In our favorite set (the locker room), Jack takes off his shirt.

…Oh, something else happens too. Self-congratulatory Ben wants to celebrate finding the knife, but Jack steps away to call Emily, clearly aware she had something to do with Vince’s death.

As thunder rolls and rain falls, Emily boots up the USB drive she took from the lockbox. She is horrified to discover David had been watching Amanda from afar, taking photo after photo of her in the Hamptons.

Nolan doesn’t want to leave the spa, so he buys it. For real.

Victoria puts on some earrings and a tight red number. David comes inside and apologizes to Victoria for doubting her loyalty. On the balcony of the manse, Emily flashes back to her childhood.

Daniel and Margaux fight when she learns he didn’t quit working for Louise. Margaux, smart cookie she occasionally is, figures out Daniel slept with Louise and throws her drink in his face before storming off.

Victoria and David enjoy a romantic evening at home. He realizes she’s wearing the earrings he got her years ago. The sexy time is cut short when Emily storms in with photos of Amanda. She screams at her father and tells Victoria to get out. “You could have come for me and you didn’t!” she cries. He grabs her and sees her infinity tattoo. “Amanda?!” he cries.

Not to be outdone, Victoria goes outside and is electrocuted by a fallen wire!


Closing Thoughts: This show continues to elevate (or descend) into new levels of crazy. Louise is clearly on a different, more fun show than everyone else. Now that David knows who his daughter really is, will he turn on Victoria? More importantly, will David finally become an interesting character? Emily asks Nolan, “Who the hell is he?!” and to be honest, we’d really like to know—we’re nearing mid-season and this story is still asking the same question.

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