Casting Call: Feuding Neighbors Sought for ‘Neighbor Court’


Neighbors with a dispute that can be solved under real estate law are being sought for a reality TV pilot.

Named Neighbor Court, the show will feature attorney Andrew Lieb, of Lieb at Law P.C., as the arbitrator. Rather than being set in an actual courtroom—or a sound stage courtroom—Neighbor Court will take place at the properties that are the subjects of dispute. All sorts of housing situations are desired: Waterfront mansions to modest houses, condos, co-ops, rental apartments, etc.

“We will render decisions in a fun and educational atmosphere…” the casting notice states. “Issues can range from your neighbor’s invasive landscaping, to the wrongful removal of your trees, to the maintenance of a shared driveway, to a loud share-house next door, or to being harassed by a neighbor.”

The show is aimed at being “edutainment,” teaching about the law while also being entertaining.

Both neighbors must participate. Stories and contact information may be sent to [email protected].

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