Could FishBay Help Hamptons Fisherman Earn Money?

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East End fishing captains are missing the boat when it comes to generating ancillary revenue, especially in the winter months.

We all know that our local fisherman and charter captains each have their own “special spots” to fish off our coastlines. Whether it is inshore in search of flounder, bass, blues and blackfish, or offshore for tuna, shark, blue marlin, dolphin or cod, these areas have proved to be especially bountiful year after year. Typically, captains will not share them with anyone else, for fear that the masses (rich guys from other places who have expensive boats and like to fish) will show up and ruin the place.

I am all for preserving the traditions of the East End and I do not feel these “fishing information silos” should be opened to every Tom, Dick and Harry who don’t make a living by fishing. But I also feel that in this modern age and time, there may be an opportunity for local captains to profit from their secret spots.

Introducing FishBay!

Fishing for a living is a tough life. When the weather permits, it is long, hard, back-breaking work. What if East End fishermen could generate additional money by selling the coordinates of their tried and true fishing spots online this winter, to the highest bidders?

Depending on the type of fish they desire to catch, wealthy weekend anglers can go to the FishBay website and place a winter bid for a prime set of proven and tested spring and summer fishing coordinates. Whoever has the highest cash bid will win that spot. This process is similar to eBay…if you couldn’t tell already.

When the fishing season finally starts, successful bidders will have the advantage of simply plugging in the coordinates they purchased over the winter and then motoring right to the spot where they will then be catching fish faster than the time it takes to walk from the Whaling Museum to the Hannibal French House in Sag Harbor.

I think this is a golden opportunity for the local fisherman. Of course, as the inventor of FishBay, it is only fair that I receive a 50 percent commission on all successful bids.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that the highest bidders will actually catch fish. No refunds will issued in the event that the fish and/or weather don’t cooperate.

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