Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Temple of the Deep

Amy Zerner's "Temple of the Deep" from 1986
Amy Zerner's "Temple of the Deep" (1986)

The ocean Temple of the Deep is the realm of our emotions. Water is a very suitable symbol for our emotions.

If we are unable to keep our heads above water or to be comfortable floating with the current we find ourselves in, we can feel out of control. Like an island, we can be cut off from others and all sources of solace if we allow our emotions to isolate us. However, water can connect us with others through empathy, compassion, and psychic phenomena. Love, the great attractive force in the universe, is also the a dweller in this Temple.

At the top of the piece, Neptune looks down with this greatest of all emotions for his immense watery kingdom and for all lovers who are drawn to bodies of water as surely as the oceans are drawn to the Moon.

Tears are also mingled with the waters in The Temple of the Deep. They are a sign of deep emotional involvement, they are also cleansing and a sign of release, not weakness. In the martial arts, the highest goal is to emulate water. Water is so strong it cannot be compressed. Through perseverance it can, in time, wear down the mightiest mountains. It moves around what it cannot push aside, while at the same time wearing it away slowly but relentlessly.

The ocean is so deep that light does not penetrate to its deepest depths. It is a place inhabited by some the strangest creatures on our planet, including the sea horse, a species where the male gives birth to the young. Though the waters of a swamp are shallow, they, too, are darkened and bring forth strange forms of life. We cannot deny the existence of these strange creatures or of our deepest, darkest emotions. However, where we place our awareness is the only way to avoid being overwhelmed by fear, anger, negativity, envy, lust, jealousy and the rest of them.

All the strange creatures of the planet have their part to play in its evolution. Likewise, our dark emotions can propel us to new understanding and empathy for the plight of others, if we remember that the best way to change the world is to change the way we look at it.

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Temple of the Deep Monte Farber
Temple of the Deep, Photo:

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