Million Mollusk March Exceeds $20,000 Goal

Oysters Shellfish
Oysters, Photo: Oliver Peterson

The Million Mollusk March, a fundraiser by the nonprofit Moriches Bay Project, has beat its goal and its deadline.

The plan is to seed 1 million oysters in Moriches Bay by the end of 2015. The reason is to remove excess and harmful algae from the bay. Each oyster is said to filter 50 gallons of water per day. To fund four new oyster beds and purchase oyster stock, the Moriches Bay Project set a target of $20,000.

The Moriches Bay Project is using the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo. The campaign started November 15 with a goal of $20,000. As of Tuesday, $21,041 in pledges were received, and the campaign will continue until 11:59 p.m. on January 14.

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