Top 5 Quotes from Revenge Season 4

Revenge Jack quote meme
Jack pulls no punches when talking to Beat Cop Ben, Photo: ABC/Jordin Althaus

The first half of Revenge Season 4 featured a whole lot of doom and gloom, but as always, there were some great one-line zingers and sassy exchanges between faux-Hamptonites that had us in stitches. Here are our top five quotes for the first half of Revenge, Season 4.

5. Victoria and David argue after he insists she play along with the story that Daniel was shot while trying to kill Emily:

Victoria: “I won’t be a prisoner to your lies anymore!”

David: “I was a prisoner for two decades because of yours…”

4. “Vicky’s done a hell of a job Clarke-blocking us.” – Nolan expressing frustration over Victoria manipulating the newly returned David.

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3. “Since you care so much, you might want to know that Charlotte’s hanging out with drug dealers, shoving god-knows-what up her nose, and she almost took a leap off the Maison Hotel. So that’s the update. Let’s do this again in another six months.” – Daniel filling Victoria in on all the chaos that ensued while she was in “Europe” (she was actually in a mental institution).

2. Beat Cop Ben (that’s our new name for him) pushes an irritated Jack for information about Emily, who he wants to date.

Ben: “How are things with you and Emily? Last I heard you were trying to un-complicate things.”

Jack: “What, are we gonna sleep over and do each other’s hair next?”

1. Victoria sees through crooked FBI agent Kate’s attempt at gaining information about David Clarke’s involvement with Malcolm Black and asks her who she’s really working for.

Kate: “I work for the United States taxpayers, Mrs. Grayson.”

Victoria: “Oh, and I do so miss my dearly departed husband! Now, only one of those statements can be verified—should I call Quantico?”

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