Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 15: “Bait”

Rock 'em Sock 'em Revenge, Season 4, Episode 15 Bait
Rock 'em Sock 'em Revenge! Photo: ABC/Richard Cartwright

After a lengthy break, ABC promises that Jack will profess his love for Emily in tonight’s episode. Will they actually deliver?

And now, Revenge, Season 4, Episode 15: “Bait.”

We open on a beautiful Hamptons morning as Ben and Emily enjoy the afterglow in bed. When they joke about how much Emily brings up her past, he asserts that his past isn’t very interesting. Foreshadowing? They have sex again.

Sidenote: Ben sure has a lovely multimillion-dollar oceanfront house—pretty odd for a local beat cop, but then again, everyone in the Hamptons lives in beautiful homes on the beach, right?

A beautiful penthouse…in the city? Victoria greets Margaux to show her the new digs, and Margaux says she can’t buy it for her (?) but Victoria doesn’t need her money, as she’s learned that Edward Grayson has passed away and she’s likely inheriting his fortune, since they had a “special bond.” Poor William Devane! We hoped you would return

The locker room. Jack is clearing out his locker (clothed, unfortunately—why does this show only go for realism when it comes to beefcake?). Ben wants to know why he’s quitting the force, but Jack makes it clear that he’s not really interested in being best buddies anymore. He tells Ben he has something important to do and bolts.

At LeMarchal, Margaux’s henchman says he caught Emily by Ben’s house. Margaux grins and declares that by this time tomorrow, Emily will be ruined. Margaux’s assistant, Simone, enters with some papers. Afterward, Simone goes outside and calls Nolan, acting as his informant, telling him that Margaux is planning something big. This puts a damper on his honeymoon plans with Louise. Noles tells his wacky wife to hop on their private jet and he’ll meet up with her later.

Speaking of derailed plans, Victoria is horrified to learn that she’s only inheriting Edward’s corgis and their Burberry accessories! The lawyer apologizes and tells Victoria that Edward left his estate to his wife. “His wife? She died 20 years ago!” Victoria declares…as Natalie Waters, the new socialite from last episode, enters. “Sorry I’m late,” she says with an evil grin. Victoria is aghast, but I’m super-psyched that we may get to watch Victoria care for a bunch of yappy dogs.

The lawyer, sensing some tension, gives Victoria and Natalie some privacy (though Victoria says they don’t need privacy, just a judge). The claws come out like it’s Season 1, with Victoria immediately accusing Natalie of being a gold digger. Natalie admits that she came to the Hamptons a few days earlier than planned to see if they could be friends, but knew it wouldn’t be possible after Victoria took down her circle of friends (see Episode 14). Victoria nearly laughs out loud when she learns that Natalie was her father in-law’s nurse before his death, but Natalie says she loved “Teddy” very much.

Nolan shows Emily footage of her and Jack talking about covering up Kate’s death. Meanwhile, Margaux learns that LeMarchal was hacked and immediately notices Simone acting suspicious.

Jack walks on the beach and thinks back to him and Emily as kids with puppy Sammy. David approaches in a suit, mentioning he has a job interview. They wax poetic over Emily. Jack finds a piece of sea glass and David remembers Jack and Emily looking for sea glass on the beach when they were younger.

Jack heads to the manse with the sea glass. Emily greets him gravely. Jack is about to declare his love, but Emily blurts out that they’re in big trouble thanks to Margaux. Nolan enters, explaining that the computer with the footage can’t be hacked. Jack is mortified when Emily explains that she’s breaking into LeMarchal to shut down the computer tonight.

At the country club, Lyman greets Louise. She is justifiably cold toward her brother, who she figured would have left town by now. He gloats that she and Nolan have a sham marriage, and Louise responds that at least she has a life. Lyman warns Louise not to underestimate him. Yawn.

Natalie is at the country club bar and asks the bartender if there are any stores in the area with Stickley furniture. She then has a meet-cute with David, who’s sitting at the bar. He suggests she go to an antique store, but she explains that she’s donating all of Edward’s possessions. She shows him pictures of some stuff she’s getting rid of, and David likes Edward’s old boat. Natalie offers to give it to him for free if he buys her a drink!

Lyman pretends to happen by Victoria at a restaurant after she has an unsuccessful conversation with a lawyer about contesting Edward’s will. Lyman, a lawyer, offers to help Victoria get Edward’s estate, in exchange for 20 percent of the inheritance so he can fund his congressional campaign. She’ll consider it if he can prove his worth. Uh-oh.

Jack meets with Margaux, whose hair continues to develop into its own character. They sit while baby Carl plays. Yes, Carl still exists. Jack tells Margaux he wants to clear up any tension over their breakup, and she admits she made some mistakes (finally!). Carl then gives Margaux a plastic bracelet. Where’d he get it?

At Victoria’s hotel room, Lyman comes by with some major information about Natalie: she lost her nursing license when she was caught swindling old men!

At casa Nolan, Louise, who is feeling a little ignored, says she realizes Nolan doesn’t want to be married in the sense that they spend every waking moment together. But when she offers him a divorce, Nolan explains that he’s just busy because he and Emily are like “superheroes,” and they often go on legally questionable misadventures. Louise is intrigued and offers to help.

Emily practices climbing rope and a sweaty Ben runs up to say hello. He asks Emily if Jack knows about their thing. After disappointing Ben that she can’t hang out later that night, he jokes that he won’t ask what kind of mischief she’s up to. Oh, Ben, don’t you know by now that you’re dating a ninja?

Margaux gets into her car, where Simone is waiting. We learn that Simone is actually a DOUBLE agent, and Margaux only feels slightly bad that Jack’s going to go down, since he obviously tried to play her. She also knows that Emily is planning on breaking in.

Louise vs. the FBI on Revenge, Season 4, Episode 15 Bait
Louise vs. the FBI, Photo: ABC/Richard Cartwright

Later that night…Nolan declares “Mission Empossible.” Emily the Cat Burglar heads for the room containing the computer. We see a figure walk into the room and the lights flip on. The FBI tells her to put her hands up, but Margaux is stunned to see Louise, not Emily, standing there! Louise feigns innocence, saying she thought this was where her Soul Cycle class was being held. The FBI agents escort her out, and Margaux decides to just show the FBI agent the video footage. But when she types her password into the un-hackable computer, it shuts down. The FBI agent rolls his eyes and tells Margaux to stop wasting their time.

Natalie hangs with Victoria’s frenemies, offering up some of Edward’s belongings, and is embarrassed when she’s served! Seems the will is being contested. Victoria waves from the bar. Natalie confronts her, and the two trade “you won’t get away with this” barbs. Nat then bursts into a story about how Teddy/Edward saved her when she was in a terrible point in her life. “Well, of course. You were poor,” Victoria shrugs. Natalie emotionally declares that she loved Edward and that nothing is going to stop her from honoring his final wishes. She leaves and everyone is touched by her story. Victoria sips her martini, plotting her next move.

Margaux goes to her office, and finds Emily sitting in her chair. Ems tells Margaux that she’ll need to be a lot smarter if she’s going to go after her. As Emily leaves, she stops. “Nice bracelet,” she grins. As Emily leaves, Margaux realizes the toy bracelet Carl gave her was bugged and ruined the computer system!

Natalie walks on the docks and finds David hanging out on the boat. She’s glad he’s enjoying it. David asks Natalie if the rumors of her being a Grayson are true. Yes, she admits, but she didn’t want to lead with that fact. David asks her to stick around and listen to the Yankee game.

Lyman confronts Victoria about jumping the gun, noting that Natalie has become the anti-Anna Nicole since she was emotional and sincere. Victoria starts to cry, but when Lyman comforts her she reveals that “emotion and sincerity” can be faked. She assures Ly that they’ll get Natalie.

Margaux greets Ben at the precinct (I think I see an accurate Suffolk County patrol car!) and shows him a photo of his ex-wife, April. “I know where she is,” Margaux says, “and that makes one of us.” She says that unless Ben cooperates, she’ll tell “someone else” who’s looking for her. Ben grimaces: “What do you want?” See, I told you it was foreshadowing!

Jack heads to Emily’s, where he gives her the sea glass. He says he knows about Ben, but that doesn’t matter—he’s in love with her! “It’s always been you,” he says emotionally. But Emily can’t reciprocate—it’s too complicated. “I’m sorry,” she sighs. Tears run down Jack’s face. “I’m not gonna wait,” he says, shrugging as he walks out. Emily sits down, devastated.

Closing Thoughts: Emily, what are you thinking? There is nothing complicated about you and Jack anymore. He knows all your secrets and doesn’t want to turn and run, you’ve been through hell together, he’s hot…come to your senses, girl! Meanwhile, MVP of the week goes to Carl, future Team Revenge leader.

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